Adobe CS5

My excitement is building. The next generation of Adobe imaging and video software, CS5, is nearly here. This gives me a good opportunity to explain my photography workflow. I have long been using Adobe Lightroom to import, manage, process and upload my photos to Flickr. The software really is a work of wonder, and saves me a lot of time in the processing and management of my photography.

One of the most praised aspects of Lightroom is its non destructive processing. It effectively keeps two copies of each photo – the original and the final processed image. I have personally recently changed my workflow because I actually want to keep the processed image, not the original. So I export each photo twice. Once to Flickr, and again to my hard-drive. I then have to re-import the  photo into Lightroom. A bit of an extra pain, and I would prefer the option to simply write the processed image over the original. But you can’t have everything.

I still use Photoshop a fair amount though, especially when I want to use Filters Unlimited processes on my images. Or selective colour. Or other tricks that Photoshop has up its sleeves that Lightroom lacks. Lightroom and Photoshop integrate with each other very nicely though. So anyway, back to my excitement regards CS5 – it is, needless to say, Photoshop CS5 that I am most looking forward to playing with.

There’s a list of touted features on, some of which I’m looking forward to – I do like to cut out objects and play with panoramas for starters. I’m also hoping to see the Quick Selection Tool improved. It is pretty good in CS4, but as it’s a tool I use often, I’d like to see it come closer to perfectly selecting what I want selected. I’ll have to wait and see. Till then you can see the launch countdown clock on their website. Add (or maybe even subtract) a few hours, and you have the countdown to the first cracked versions available on Pirate Bay!


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