The Flickr Community

I paid up the cash to become a Flickr Pro member for a simple reason. I needed somewhere on the interweb to put my photos. I use it as a personal collection that I can look through. I use it to host some photos on my blog. I use it as an online back up. I use it to share my photos. But there’s more to Flickr than just that.

There are groups, and I make occasional use of them for my photographic entertainment. And then there are Contacts. Other Flickr users who produce photos I want to see. Sometimes they are from a particular part of the world I like or want to know more about. Sometimes they simply produce outstanding photos. Some of them are people I know in the real world. All of them are uploading great shots. All 140 of them. Lots of Flickr members have far more than 140 contacts, but I’m both picky and time restrained. I can only look at so much.

What’s the value in having contacts? Aside from eye candy, there is also the inspiration angle. I’ve often seen someone try something, and then attempted to replicate it myself. So I’ve made up a Flickr Gallery of 18 of the most inspirational photographers I have in my Contacts list, with all the photos coming from their current front page. You can see it by clicking here. It’s a pretty subjective list, to be sure.

It took a good while to sift through them all and select just 18, and there are plenty of others I could have included in the list. Some aren’t here because perhaps, just for today, there wasn’t a really appealing photo on their front page. Some don’t allow photos to be added to galleries – or Flickr doesn’t allow it, perhaps. Others…well, maybe I just missed some others because 140 contacts is too much to go through without missing a couple out by accident!

But, besides the purpose of uploading my own content, this is why I belong to Flickr. The fabulous photographers that inhabit the Flickrverse.


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