The Passion Of Christ

Semana Santa, Easter, is a whole bigger deal in Mexico than it is the the UK. Far fewer chocolate bunnies, far more crucifixion re-enactments. The biggest of them all is in Iztapalapa, not far from my home. But it’s just too popular. As many as a million people turn up to see some fake blood and a public execution*. That’s too big a crowd for my liking, so I settled for the local do, at the church outside my home.

There were some obvious historical innacuracies. For a starters, they kept calling the main man Hee-zeus. I remember the story well, and know for a fact he was called Brian. I was also most disappointed to discover that they’d not found anyone to play Bigus Dickus. And then, at a key moment, he just fell over. In reality he was thrown to the floor. Roughly. By a centurion. Twice. My favourite part was also ommited – I have always wanted to be the one to shout ‘Free Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!’. It wasn’t to be. Such is life. Anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, by the way, has clearly lead a sheltered life and missed out on what is, easily, the funniest movie ever made in the English language.

On a more serious (and less blasphemous) note, it was all a good laugh. Some of the centurions were perhaps a little bit too into the whipping, which raises a few personal questions that may be put to them by their other halves this evening, but good fun was had by all. I was a little surprised that the turn out was so low though. Even though it’s a small church, it usually gather hundreds for the big religious services and events. But I guess a goodly number of the congregation were at the big event in Iztapalapa.

Or guzzling down plate loads of fish. Which is exactly what we did straight after the show. We went to La Neuva Viga, a massive fish market a few miles from home where you can buy fresh sea produce of every kind you can imagine, and plenty of kinds you never had imagined . And a few kinds you wouldn’t want to. The aroma is, I must confess, a bit stong. And judging by the looks we got from neighbours when we got home, we may have brought it back with us. Time for a shower. As well as the video, there are a few photos on Flickr – click here.

*No Brians or Jesus’ were actually hurt in this production. This video is a work of fiction. All characters/locations appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Jesus and Brian are at this very moment tucking into plates of fish tacos.


5 thoughts on “The Passion Of Christ

  1. Joe says:

    I did not see the funny movie you refered to, yes I lead a sheltered life… (sigh) so you just had me thinking that you are a real nut. But thanks for the laugh. 😀


  2. Joe says:

    I did not see the funny movie you referred to, yes I lead a sheltered life… (sigh) so you just had me thinking that you are a real nut. But thanks for the laugh. 😀


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