YouTube Rick Rolls

I created an April Fools video yesterday, into which I cut in the Rick Astley video Never Gonna Give You Up. A pretty unoriginal April Fools joke for anyone reading my blog. But still. Anyway, I uploaded it to YouTube. I waited. It processed. I waited some more. It processed some more. YouTube isn’t the fastest in this respect. But eventually it appeared. With a notice. My video had copyrighted content, or so it thought, and had thus blocked my video from being viewed in a total of 306 countries. So, pretty much the whole world then.

A few thoughts I had on this. Firstly, that’s pretty tight. There’s a million plus Rick Roll videos available on YouTube. I even downloaded the video I used for my video on YouTube. I know it is copyright material, but all the signs are, Rick Rolls are ok. In fact just recently YouTube replaced a Rick Roll video (the original though, I think) after it was flagged up as copyright content. But anyway. Why pick on mine?

Secondly, that was fast. They must have a system for analysing uploads as they are processed to check for any copyright content. Kudos to YouTube as far as slick software goes. There is a little part that says the status of my video could change according to the policies of the content owners. We’ll see.

Thirdly, where the hell is Sao Tome? And Tokelau? And Tuvalu? There are some weird countries out there. And I noticed some political correctness to. The video is blocked from view in the Falkland Islands and Las Malvinas. Double Blocked! In theory you should be able to click on the image below to see it full size.


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