North And South

What happens when the US meets Mexico? Prime Outlets is not the best example. Implant one set of retail shops in an outlet centre in the north, and paint them the brightest colours imaginable. Stick a few palm trees around the place. And voila. Prime Outlets Puenta Norte. It’s horrific. Enough to make you bring your dinner up. Nonetheless, I’m not sure I entirely dislike it. My sense of taste is sometimes a bit warped, and kitsch, tacky and plastic sometimes appeal to me on some level. There’s one definite plus side to my hour or two spent there….I’ve found another place that sells tennis shoes in US size 11.5. And, for Mexico, they were cheap….only 1000 pesos! About 90 US dollars I guess. I’ve also decided to start a new set on Flickr, to collect strange, unusual or plain cool brand signage. Called, unsurprisingly, Brands.


3 thoughts on “North And South

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