Little Stone Markers

When I first started touring ancient Mexican ruins, I was amazed at how decorative they were. Even going so far as to putting little pebbles into the cement holding the big stones of pyramids and other grand structures together. I know…naive. But for those who thought like I did, until someone told me different, those stones are there for a reason. I’ve manipulated the image above to highlight the pebbles. They are places there when ruins are being restored as markers to show which parts have been restored. There is, however,  another way of telling the difference between what’s been restored and what hasn’t….sharp edges – someone has been at it. A pile of rubble, or a big lump of mud and grass – someone hasn’t.


5 thoughts on “Little Stone Markers

  1. Kim G says:

    Once you realize what all those little stones are, it’s amazing how much of most ruins in Mexico have been totally restored/rebuilt. I used to have a bit more of a problem with it, and then I realized that if they weren’t so happy to just re-cement all those stones, we’d have much less to look at, and probably wouldn’t be allowed to run around on the pyramids.

    So ¡Viva la Restauración!


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we live in a 93 year-old house that has seen its own share of restoration. No pebbles, though.


    • A walk around Teotihuacan shows pretty well how much restoration gets done, and the difference between restored and awaiting restoration. I have no problem with it so long it’s done properly. Most of the time, I think they do a pretty good job. It could be worse, that’s for certain. I’ve never been a fan of the rebuilding work done on the Sphinx’s paws


  2. When this little pebbles are added when building adobe walls, it becomes structural. Adobe walls with little pebbles last longer. Plus they add to decor…not with colors, like your highlights. Just the Tescal color…


    • I’m not convinced they add an awful lot of strength to the structures…those pebbles are just squiched a little into the cement. and plenty fall out! But they do look rather cool!


      • Yeah, that’s the re-conctructors fault; originally, when the Maestro lays the mixture, he adds those pebbles on ALL the surface, before laying the stone or the adobe over it. The way they did in your photos, it “looks” as done according to re-building cannons…that way, directors of re-construction can STEAL more $$$ from the PRESUPUESTO.


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