Ajusco Video

Here’s a short video, with stills and movie clips, from my bike/climb up Ajusco. There’s a couple of snippets of us on the Chapultepec to Cuernavaca Ciclopista – a 69km cycle lane. That one is next! Maybe.

5 thoughts on “Ajusco Video

  1. What a great video! I’m amazed it isn’t more shaky on the bits you took from your bike.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we keep wondering whether we should buy a video camera…one of these years, I suppose.


    1. I have a steady hand! Or else the image stabilisation feature of the camera works well. Take your pick. (I’m leaning towards the latter).

      I took it with my old Panny TZ5 btw. It’s still useful to take on more adventurous trips!

      And a lot of the compacts come with pretty decent HD video these days. Have you looked at any of the MFT models? A little pricey, but top quality.


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