Museo De Arte Moderno

How I’ve managed to miss this museum for nearly five years beggars belief. Actually, I know how. It has an ‘entrance’ within Chapultepec Park, that is always closed. And the entrance on Reforma, is one of the few stretches I never walk past. I have been looking for it recently though,  since someone commented on the location of the original painting of a postcard I was offering up.  Still, I found it in the end. The museum, anyway. That original painting…couldn’t find that.

From the exterior, the museum looks rather austere and bland. The interior is another story, full of permanent and temporary exhibitions well worth the visit, housed in very bright, colourful and bold rooms. There’s a lot of cross over with the Museo de Arte Popular (I found a number of exhibits which have previously been on show at the MAP), so if you liked that museum, you’ll like this. Even more perhaps.

There were quite a number of exhibits that caught my eye. The images below, obviously, including the first stamp issued by the Mexican Postal Service, the fantastic Mexico 68 artwork (although it does do your eyes in if you stare at it for too long!) and the rather awesome picture of the cat, fangs bared, lunging almost through the canvas.

There were others. An old photograph of Torre Latinoamericana during construction – it looks more space age then, without the spire and windows fully fitted, than it does today. There was also a painting that, without knowing anything about it, strikes me as being something of an alternative reproduction of the Last Supper. And whilst I don’t know when or by whom it was painted, not the motivation, it is so very contemporary.

Lastly, there was an old poster promoting a Book Fair. In 1942. I have to say I don’t know much (ie – nothing) about Mexico and the Second World War. But it had me thinking. I know how important the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are covered in Mexico. Very little. It’s too far away, has  nothing to do with Mexico, and there are more pressing issues at home to be worrying about.

The poster suggests the same was true nearly 70 years ago. I did a little research. It turns out that Mexico did contribute to the Allied effort in WW2, albeit in a small, almost token way. They sent a squadron of planes to help the US in the Pacific. Escuadron 201….now I know the reason behind the name of the metro station! Anyway, to see all the photos I took that are now safely hosted on Flickr, click here.


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