Invasion Of Mexico City

If only I’d come across this video in time for April 1st! No one was fooled with my ghost video from the San Fernando Cemetery. And I got not a single comment on my Mexican Crumble. Was no one tempted to try that recipe? Really?? Funny thing is, a Mexican would probably have liked it…

Still, I have found the video (thanks to Laura), which is a trailer for its launch in Mexico, and it has compelled me to download the entire series. I was a huge fan of the original 1983 ‘V’ television mini series, and bought a pet snake off the back of it. I called it V. I know. Anyway, I strolled past Bellas Artes just the other dat, and all seems well. No reptiles lurking about. Well, apart from the usual snakes in the grass…!


6 thoughts on “Invasion Of Mexico City

  1. Kim G says:

    Somehow, putting a flying saucer (“spaceship?”) over Bellas Artes manages to make both look ridiculous.

    Either the Torre Latinoamericana or the Torre Mayor would have made better backdrops.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    So what other reptiles have you owned?


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