Live Earth / Run For Water

I did the first run of the year today, in the Mexico City leg of the global Run for Water event. There were runs in countless cities across the planet, in a massive attempt to raise both money and awareness. The value and success of these sorts of events is open to debate, but I personally don’t think it can hurt. And it’s a good way to get out and about the city on a Sunday morning.

This time yesterday though, had I posted my thoughts on the organisation of the run, I probably wouldn’t have said so many nice things. I walked far more than 6kms in search of the tent in Chapultepec park where you collect the entry package – number, freebie bottles, t-shirt etc. It was located well off the beaten track, and the directions weren’t terribly precise. To me anyway. And they had seriously gotten wrong the numbers of each size of shirt that would be requested. I got there half way through the collection period and size medium had gone already. Not much later, just XL shirts remained available.

But the organisation of the important bit, the run, was spot on. The Morelos School’s marching band was awesome (they were all kitted out with the trademark Morelos bandana), the water supply was fine, and everything ran smoothly. Just as well, as I’d brought Paola, who did the run/walk with me, so it needed to be impressive! Anyway, I made a little video which is above, and posted a few photos of our morning escapade on Flickr – click here. The only real bummer of the day, was when we got home. All sweaty and smelly and in desperate need of a shower. Yep….no effing water!


6 thoughts on “Live Earth / Run For Water

  1. Kim G says:

    Hola Gary!

    Cool video! Made me long for Mexico City once again.

    Hope you are well.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where it’s only recently gotten warm enough to run outdoors


    • Greetings Kim!

      All is well here. And we’re a bit healthier for the run. I will be more so when I can run without needing to light up at the finish line….!

      Are you returning soon? To DF or more exotic parts of Mexico?


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