Popocatapetl Postcard

Volcanoes are the flavour of the month, so the news sites tell me. Although the flavour has left rather a bitter taste in the mouth for a lot of poor tourists who found themselves stuck in foreign lands. Lucky buggers. Does travel insurance include volcano payouts? Or are volcanoes covered by that nasty little bit of fine print, headed ‘Acts of God’?

We have a nice big active volcano sitting right on the edge of Mexico City, Popocatapetl. Next to it lies Iztaccihuatl, which is dormant, or extinct. I can’t remember which. Popo has been in a pretty much continuous state of eruption since the 90’s and has on occasion sent a cloud of ash to descend on Mexico City.

But anyway, I saw this postcard in Sanborns and just thought it was so very appropriate. Would you like it? If you want this postcard, leave a comment, quickly. First come, first served. Anyone who hasn’t claimed one before can claim it. Just leave a comment and tell me what address to post it to using the Contact form. Anywhere in the world is fine.  As easy as that. No strings attached If this card is already claimed, you can check the Postcards page and see if there are any others available.


8 thoughts on “Popocatapetl Postcard

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  2. Kim G says:

    That photo looks like it was shot before the invention of the automobile.

    No smog at all.



    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are sitting through yet another cold, rainy, gray spring day and wondering why we don’t just chuck it all and move to Mexico.


    • It is a clear shot. Not taken from within the boundaries of DF though I suspect! When last we spoke of the weather, it was miserable in DF. Damp, cloudy, rainy. Since then, it’s been hot. Blisteringly hot. I’ve been having to keep topping up the turtle pond to combat evaporation.


      • Kim G says:

        Hopefully the water in your place runs at least long enough for turtle-pond topping.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where the odds of sweltering days are approximately 5/365


      • The water situation has actually been much improved in recent weeks. The occasional shut off, but usually in the afternoon and just for an hour or two. Here’s hoping for plenty of agua in the rainy season so that my taps can continue pouring the good stuff!

        Don’t whine to me about sweltering days. The odds for the number of days of those for Londoners are directly linked to the number of days a Londoner plans to spend abroad!



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