World Cup Give Away #1

For the last year or so I’ve been sending postcards around the world to random visitors to my site. I started that having been sent a card by another blogger. It seemed a cool idea. I carried it on, because it was my little bit to help promote Mexico in a more positive light, what with all the doom and gloom Swine Flu/ Narco War press the country was getting last year. Now I do it just because….well, just because.

But it seems a popular idea, so I thought, for the upcoming World Cup, I’d do something similar. But different. Over the next ten weeks I’m going to give away World Cup souvenirs/mementos/bits and bobs. All with a Mexican flavour. Ten weeks, ten items. None of them are going to be big, because then the postage will cost me an arm and a leg. None of them will be expensive, because quite frankly I’m a bit of a tight fisted bastard. But they’ll all be cheery!

And they won’t all be postcards either. Except for this first give-away. Which is a postcard. Of the mighty Azteca stadium. The only stadium to have hosted two World Cup finals. The scene of Brazil’s 4-1 thrashing of Italy in 1970, considered by most people to be the greatest final of them all. And the earlier game in that tournament between Italy and Germany, regarded by some as the greatest game ever played in the World Cup full stop. It was here Maradonna bewitched the English defence and scored arguably the greatest World Cup goal of all time. And in the same match he gained infamy for his ‘Hand of God’ incident. Before leading Argentina to victory over Germany in the final.

It’s an awesome stadium. I’ll be there to watch Mexico versus Chile in a few weeks time – I’m sure I’ll find something cheap there to give away. We’ll see. Until then, here’s the postcard. Want it? Leave me a comment to claim it, and then send me an email thru my Contact page to tell me where to send it. Anyone and everyone, wherever you are in the world, are perfectly eligible to claim it. Even you, señor Maradona. Although I may have a little accident and spit on the card instead of the stamp before I post it… 🙂


6 thoughts on “World Cup Give Away #1

  1. Michael says:

    Soccer related merch is always appreciated. Some of my fondest memories can be rekindled with a ticket stub, key chain, some sort of goofy give away.

    Thanks for doing this.



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