Pio Pio

How bizarre do you like your posts from Mexico? Today was a little bizarre. Today is Childrens Day, but that’s not what is bizarre, although it isn’t something we have in the UK. It’s also Friday, which means a non cooking day. We usually get a take-away or eat at a cheap local place. A fonda or taqueria. But today Paola popped into Pollo Feliz (the English translation being, ironically, Happy Chicken) on her way home to get some barbequed chicken, onions and nachos.

She came through the door with the box of chicken, and handed it to Hungry Husband. That’s me. She gave it to me with a mysterious smile. I opened the box. Had a look inside. Something was not quite right. Something was missing. I sussed out what immediately. The ‘en’ was missing. The box just contained a ‘chick’. No ‘en’. A walking, squeaking, yellow little chick.

Can you believe it? A chicken restaurant giving away boxes full of chicks to kids with their chicken dinners, for Childrens Day. Now this is perhaps why we don’t have Childrens Day in the UK! And I can only imagine that PETA has yet to establish much of a presence in Mexico – I’m not sure this is something they’d approve of. I can’t say I approve of these sort of marketing tactics.

But Paola took pity on one of the squeakers and now our yard has a chick running around with the ten turtles. I know, I know. I’ve been having enough trouble finding homes for the turts before we leave for the UK. But the chick won’t be a problem. Paola’s maternal grandparents and cousins live on a farm in Hidalgo, and one more chicken added to their collection of mixed poultry won’t be a hardship for them to bear. I suspect they won’t think of Pio Pio as a hardship at all in fact. They’ll probably think of him or her in an entirely different way.


16 thoughts on “Pio Pio

  1. Obet says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! “Los Héroes del Sabor” the chicken soldiers salute to their fallen partners, priceless image. I can’t believe the people still doing that for Childrens Day, if you live in a city what does one suppose to do with a chicken baby. Poor pollitos they will not survive more than one week, they will not have opportunity to die like “Heroes del Sabor”. It’s a shame, he/she seems already delightful.


    • The box was worth every penny! But yeah, I can’t imagine the few chickens they manage to get rid of will last very long. I don’t know an awful lot about ‘chickenry’ but I’ve been reading up on the net. If the little fellow survives the night (and there’s no reason to think he won’t) then he’ll be getting a fully equipped chickenarium first thing in the morning.


    • It’s tough. And it’s very wrong. I’m in two minds. Paola just can’t resist an animal in need, and if she hadn’t brought him or her home, then it’s future would probably be short an unpleasant. On the other hand, taking it just encourages this sort of stuff. Having said that, we didn;t pay any money for him. He came free with the eating chicken…


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  3. Elizabeth says:

    It is wrong…and I sympathize with Paola…I would have done the same even though I realize taking part in the giveaway seems to condone it. But, now that you have Pio Pio, look on the bright side…what’s a backyard without a chicken?


  4. Kim G says:

    Two comments. First, chicks are too stupid to even drink, and many die of dehydration within their first week. So you have to dip its beak into water occasionally, and leave the water in the same place.

    Second, you have to hope and pray and hope and pray again that it’s not a rooster, or you will be hoping and praying that the “peep peep” comes back to replace the crowing.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we didn’t raise chickens growing up. That happened in California.


    • Pio seems to have the knack of drinking water. But it’s abundantly clear that IQ wise, chickens are not the smartest of animals. I’m sure I heard one of the turtles mocking his intellect this afternoon….

      As for your second point. It’ll go ‘cock a doodle crack…’ I’ll leave the implication to your imagination!


    • That’s a quality video! I saw in one of the photos a bunch of multi coloured chicks. I see those all the time in mercado pet stalls. Why someone would want to buy a pink or green chick I don’t know. Come to think of it, why someone would want to by a chick full stop, I don’t know. I’m bashing the keys of my laptop as hard as possible just to drown out the constant pio pio pio…


  5. Dee says:

    You never got colored Easter chicks? (Somehow)the chick breaking out of the egg is supposed to represent Jesus’ resurrection when the rock was removed and He left the tomb. Until the late 1970s dyed chicks were a common Easter gift for children, and you could still buy red-eared terrapins at Woolworth’s.


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