Happily Ever After

Tweet tweet, poop poop. Forty eight hours of it. Non stop. Enough is enough. Yesterday we set off on a day trip to the state of Hidalgo, and Pio Pio came with us. He seemed excited, judging by his tweets. It has to be said, he always sounds excited. Would he be quite so excited if he knew our dastardly plan….only two of the three of us were going to be going back from this day trip!

The plan was to pay a quick visit to Paola’s grandparents,and introduce them to their latest chick. But as we turned off the main DF to Queretaro highway, and stopped for coffee and biscuits, we spied an old man in the corner of a piece of land next to a small building. Surrounded by chickens. We thought we’d go and chat.

I told Paola the story to tell him. No need to explain that we’re a pair of city slickers who picked up a chick from a restaurant as a free gift and now don’t have the patience to look after it. Let alone the fact that the tweets were gradually eroding our will to live. We found it. Just a few miles down the road. That’s the story!

As we approached the house, the chap came down to greet us. Paola never had time to tell the whole story – his face lit up and he took Pio Pio and held it to his chest. We’d made his day. Would he really look after it properly though, we wondered. We didn’t want it anymore, but we didn’t want to give it to someone who wouldn’t take care of little Pio Pio.

Our concerns were dispelled the instant he introduced us to Jose. And Esteban. And all his other chickens. He names his chickens. There is no better sign. He now has one more – Pio Pio. For us, we returned to the city, happy that Pio Pio has a nice new home where her tweets are welcomed, and where its story is a ‘happily ever after’ one. Unlike, I suspect, most of the chicks that were given away by Pollo Feliz. I’m going to stick to Twitter for my tweets from now on. And I’ll stick to turtles. We’re on the same wavelength, we are. I’m much more a turtle person.

The tweets are gone. There’s just his home to be cleaned and all reminders of Pio Pio will be gone, forever. Except…every time we close our eyes, both Paola and I can hear his tweets echoing around between our ears. Prolonged exposure. Of course, we have the Pio Pio photo album on Flickr too! Click here to see that.


4 thoughts on “Happily Ever After

  1. Margaret S. says:

    Lovely. This story couldn’t have had a happier ending!

    I’m working on a possible lead for a home for a turtle or two. If it turns out, I will let you know.


    • I must confess, I hadn’t imagined that Pio Pio would find quite such a suitable new owner!

      As for the turtles…yes, please let me know! I should do a post on how to look after turtles really….soon, maybe.


  2. Daniel Sosa Tellez says:

    Oh man I was waiting for Pio Pio to receive “postcard” status, and thus be up for grabs by your readership… I was gonna claim him! Surely he’d have found his way through US Customs on his way here..


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