World Cup Give Away #2

Yesterday I found a small Mexican flag in a mercado for a bargain 20 pesos. So I snapped it up and present it to you all as the second item of my World Cup Give Away series. It’s not very big – I’m guessing about 24 inches by 24 inches. But I’m sure someone out there would like it. You could pin it to a wall. Orse it a table cloth for a bed side table. Perhaps hang it over a computer monitor to hide the porn if someone unexpectedly comes in your room. Or have it handy to wave in the faces of any Uruguayans, South Africans or Frenchists to accompany your chants of ‘Loser! Loser!’ should the Mexican team do a job on them.

Want it? Leave me a comment to claim it, and then send me an email thru my Contact page to tell me where to send it. Anyone and everyone, wherever you are in the world, are perfectly eligible to claim it. Whether this is your first visit to my little  blog, or the thousandth.


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