Cinco de Mayo

A happy Cinco de Mayo to you all! An unofficial holiday, which some companies observe but most do not. It is a bigger deal in the US than in Mexico, but it is still well promoted south of the border. And why not – how many superpowers have Mexico defeated on the battlefield? I guess just the one. The Spanish can’t count surely – until they were beaten, Mexico didn’t exist. Vive New Spain!

But one is better than none. Even if it was just the French, who, if we’re going to be honest, don’t have the greatest military record going. I mean, if we Brits took a holiday for every time we’d kicked French butt, we’d never have a working day. Which, come to think of it, sounds quite good. But not practical. So instead we build glorious stately homes with the loot and erect large statutes to remind any passing Frenchists who the daddy is. As per my photo below.

Recently someone commented on my blog and complained at my treatment of gingeristas – those people afflicted with red hair. It was all done in good humour and not with malicious intent, but he got one thing right. Whilst making iffy comments about most ethnic groups is strictly forbidden, gingers are fair game. As are the cheese eating surrender monkeys, the French. We have plenty of French jokes. And I do mean plenty. Especially since the second Gulf war.

And, of course, there’s the  Hun. Just don’t mention the war. Unless the subject of Poland comes up. Then it’s ok. I think. But I digress. A happy Cinco de Mayo once more! Please don’t take this post too seriously though. It’s just one day a year of mocking the French. And I really don’t have anything against them. In fact they make far better travels companions than Brits. The same applies to our Saxon brothers over in Germany.

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5 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. Nez says:

    Thanks Gary! Seeing as my family is from Puebla and to our knowledge…have been in Puebla for as long as we know (thus clearly my ancestors were part of the French spanking, or so I claim…and no one better disagree) I accept your Happy Cinco de Mayo! 😀 Too bad I’ll be too busy working all day in a very Japanese filled work environment (its pretty good, but not too Cinco de Mayo-ey). I was planning on going on a little Jarritos sponsored 5K run in the local park for Cinco de Mayo…but come to find out that it already passed. Gah. When will Cinco de Mayo EVER be celebrated…on Cinco de Mayo? Is that too much to ask? Please have a little fun on my behalf.

    Oh and there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun at the Gingey’s or the French. They know its all in good fun…and they’ve brought it on themselves to be fair. Also, I work in an area where expats seem to like to invade and I concur…the French can be nice people. Your compatriots on the other hand are clearly the one’s who gave the “stiff upper lip” nonsense credibility in this country. Clearly all the fun Brits are in Mexico, Thailand, or anywhere other than here!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!


    • Well, you know, there’s not much of a Cinco de Mayo celebration in DF as such. Schools get the day off, and some US companies give their employees the day off, but it’s pretty much work as normal for the rest of us!

      There’s nothing wrong with having a stiff upper lip though! 🙂


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