The Odd One Out

Along Calle Regina (map), a street only recently known more for crime that crepes, there is a building that stands alone.  Whilst the rest of the street, and some surrounding streets, were regenerated a couple of years ago, with new pedestrianised areas, fresh paint splashed everywhere and trendy bars and restaurants opened up to cater for a new crowd, this one building got left behind. It remains with its old, peeling and faded coat of paint, many decades old. But it is not an eyesore, by any means.

It has its charm, and the front of the building has had changing murals on ply boards affixed to its front. As per the photos below. But I do wonder what the story behind this lonely building is. Why has it so stubbornly refused to be dragged into the 21st century? Who owns it? What does the future hold….if you know, please do tell!


6 thoughts on “The Odd One Out

  1. Daniel Sosa Tellez says:

    Hi Gary,
    I haven’t the slightest clue as to where Calle Regina is. But that graffiti is really interesting. I guess there is a need for the urban youth in many cities to express themselves graphically, and often the government can offer a way to express such ‘need’ in an aesthetic way that embellishes the neighborhood (as opposed to the horrible, utterly un-artistic graffiti that lowers the value of properties). In my adoptive hometown -Philadelphia- the city govt. has implemented, with considerable success, a program of this nature to allow youths to paint murals and colourful graffiti on the walls of decaying factories and buildings. There are so many of these murals, that they have become a tourist attraction in and of themselves. Perhaps Marcelo Ebrard could emulate this program…


    • Mexico has a long and famous tradition of muralists. Even going back to the Aztecs etc I guess! And there’s plenty of really cool graffiti around – I often wonder how much of it has permission and how much is middle of the night stuff. I refer to it all as graffiti, but I’m not sure that is really fair. Or accurate.

      I do wish there was less of the crap though.


  2. In some ways I’m sorry to see Calle Regina getting a makeover. I’d hate to see Dzib go “yup-scale”, since I always liked the friendly waitresses, the good food and the reasonable prices. It was so tolerant, even the cops ate there!

    Not sure what the building with the murals in front is. It might be in receivership, or one of those buildings you still run across abandoned after THE earthquake in 1985 when the owners presumably were killed. It takes forever to settle some of these property claims, especially in the Centro historico. I wonder about that mural though… Gustavo Ordaz Diaz in drag???


    • Earthquake…that’s a definite possibility. It’s just weird because it is the only one.

      There are still enough charming hoods with paint peel facades left for you!


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