Last night Mexico played one of their World Cup warm ups, against non qualifiers Ecuador. Yawn. There wasn’t much to give Mexican fans any great hopes of success in South Africa. It was a tepid, dreary affair. If any Manchester United fans were watching, I dare say they’d have been less than impressed with their new, but as yet unseen signing, Javier Hernandez. Twas a goalless draw in New Jersey. Now if they played a few more games at home, which for the geographically challenged amongst Mexico’s FA, is south of the Rio Bravo, they might have a bit more passion, a bit more urge and a bit more success. But less money. So I guess any words of footballing wisdom will fall on deaf ears.

Still, at least Javier Aguierre can point to the missing European based players who have not yet joined the squad, who will add a good deal of extra bite, skill and experience when they arrive. It would be a fair point to make. What does amaze me though, is that the Mexican clubs allow their players to be withdrawn for ‘World Cup Camp’ a month or so before the domestic season ends. It really does mean that the Liguilla finale to the Mexican season fizzles out a bit as all the stars disappear. Can you imagine Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger’s  reaction if the English FA told them they’d lose their star English players for the climax of the season, as they had to go join the national team in their preparations? I don’t think such a suggestion would go down too well.

I’m not entirely convinced of the benefits of it either. I understand the need for a bit of rest, and the desire to reduce risk of injury. But effectively, they deprive them of genuinely competitive games for a prolonged period too. And injuries can still happen, as Miguel Sabah can testify. Still, next up is Chile at the Azteca next Sunday, followed by their visit to Wembley to play England eight days later. Can’t wait! Both are big games, perhaps especially Chile. They qualified well, and are one of my four ‘teams to watch’ in the World Cup.

For any Mexicans disappointed with their teams showing last night, here’s a little video to return the hope, optimism and anticipation. I came across it on another blog, and for all the dreamers out there, it’s just the ticket…!


12 thoughts on “Dreamers

  1. Bob says:

    The team just ended three weeks of very intense physical work so it doesn’t surprise me that the team wasn’t able to generate much in terms of real futbol. Aguirre knows what he is doing. European based players are used to a much more physical way of playing (and training), but the local players not so much. If by the time they are playing England they still look like this, then I’ll start to worry.


  2. Daniel Sosa Tellez says:

    I attended this game. I left Philadelphia at 4 PM and got to the stadium at 9.25, 20 minutes late into the game. I got home at 4 AM. And I paid $30 for the ticket plus $40 for transportation.
    I hate this team!!! It was the worst game ever, I wish I could sue them for false advertising!! The attendance was 77,000 people, how could they give such a poor game? It’s so unfair, so abusive.. I am never gonna go to another game of Mexico in the US (I’m leaving the US in 2 weeks anyway). It made me so upset, such a waste of time and money. The Mexican Football Federation (“Femexfut”) made millions of dollars of course, and that’s what matters.


    • If you ask me, you’d still be feeling a bit ripped off had you paid 30 pesos instead of 30 dollars! Roll on Sunday – let’s hope things get better – I wonder if Vela will have joined up with the squad now that the EPL has come to an end. He scored only his second league goal in 2 years in the final game.


  3. Michael says:

    Watched it online, looked very tepid, like they ‘phoned it in’.

    Should show better on Sunday in front of a home crowd.

    Did see a great game on Saturday. The second leg of the Necxaxa/Leon series. Two teams that really wanted to win…….



    • I managed to miss all the Liguilla games at the weekend which was rather annoying! I heard that Pumas did not do well though. The guy upstairs is a big fan and keeps the neighbourhood informed of proceedings with various shouts and screams easily associated with goals scored or conceded by Pumas!

      Just realised btw, Mexico play tonight against Senegal.


  4. Michael says:

    Well……….. the usual internet sites show that Pumas won 1-0. Which is not enough to go further as Santos won the first match 2-0. One more goal……… Famous last words.

    Which leaves Toluca, Santos, Pachuca, and Morelia. I would like to see Morelia win this one as my favorite Mexican player of all time, Jared Borgetti, is playing for them but my money is on Pachuca, IMHO the most consistent team in the Liga in the last 10 years. Even without C. Jimenez.

    Not a good week for soccer. My local club is the Seattle Sounders. Which lost this week to L.A. 0-4. Owners are reimbursing all season ticket holders as a result.

    Terra.com is showing the Senengal match tonight. I sure hope Mexico shows better.



    • They did show better…or at least they won. Sunday is when the real stuff begins though! Although I think they still have another game before that!

      I’ve not ever watched Borgetti at his best. He was pretty useless for Bolton in the EPL, disappeared to Arabia, then was pretty useless for Cruz Azul. He does have an international scoring record though. Want him in the final 23 man squad?

      By the way, talking of useless…what is Perez doing in the Mexico squad?!?!?


      • Daniel Sosa Tellez says:

        Javier Aguirre believes in the inspirational prowess of the “idolos mexicanos”, and that’s why Perez is in the team. In 2002 he called Jorge Campos, who was -in his hey day in the early to mid 1990’s- one of the best and most famous goalies in the world (he drew me into football I think, when I was 7, and we kids all had his extravagant, colourful costumes).
        Campos did not play in 2002 but Aguirre believed he would have a positive effect on the morale of the group. Obviously we cannot tell whether that actually happened.
        So this time around Perez and Cuauhtemoc are gonna play that motivational role, even though Cuauh may still see some action on the pitch in South Africa.


      • Along with Sanchez, Campos was the most famous Mexican player of all time. Just for those shirts he wore!

        I understand the motivational factor. Beckham is still travelling with the England squad for that exact reason.


  5. Michael says:

    Borgetti would never be considered for the 23 man squad. The unwritten rule is that you are allowed only one old guy; Blanco has that one covered. I love the guy, I am just being realistic.

    In his prime, he was the most graceful, acrobatic, Matrix-like header in the business. It was like poetry or ballet when he was in the air. All sorts of shenanigans to keep him off the ball and he would rise above all of that, literally, and find some impossible angle to deflect the ball off his noggin. Surgical.

    I actually liked seeing Perez out there. Nostalgic. Ochoa’s got the job for sure with Sanchez most likely backing him up so this change must be some sort of goodwill gesture. Perez was Cruz Azul’s goalkeeper forever, btw. I will say it did shock me a little bit, kind of like seeing David Seaman out there.



    • I’ll have to pass on commenting further on Borgetti. His record speaks for itself, and I just caught his last, faded years.

      Perz however…he was useless at Cruz Azul! Everytime the ball went into the box you despaired if he went near it! Luckily he’s third choice at best for Mexico.

      As for Sanchez…from what I gather (or what a friend told me) Aguierre and he do not get on, and he probably won’t be in the squad.


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