World Cup Guest Posts

Fancy writing a post about Mexico that I can publish on my blog? I follow Mexican football and have a decent knowledge of the game here for someone who has lived for five years. Which means I fall well short, knowledge wise, of someone who has been cheering on the country for a lifetime. Also, I must confess, since I got Sky and thus live coverage of English Premier League games, my attention has waned a little!

My blog posts about the World Cup have produced some great comments, which gave me this idea. So yes, if you’re one of those who have commented, I am speaking to you! But also, to anyone else who stumbles across this post as well. And hell…..why limit it to Mexico. Anyone from Honduras, Chile, Brasil, Paraguay or Argentina (have I got all the LatAm teams covered there) is free to contribute. But, obviously, I want Mexico posts most of all.

How far will your nation go? Strengths, weaknesses? Is Aguierre ‘da man’? Is Maradona the moron? Who are the key players? Most teams have one player who will come from nowhere to be a hero – reckon you know who he is? Where will you be watching the games? What’s the feeling about the 30 man squad your manager has chosen? There’s a million ideas you could include.

No matter if you are not a native English speaker. I’ll post your effort in full, mistakes et al. Kinda adds some charm and flavour to a post if you ask me!  Or if you tell me to, I’ll edit it for you. There’s no word limit. Maybe you have a short 100 word rant you want to get off your chest. Or you fancy producing a detailed analysis of the team. Although don’t go on for too long….according to my poll, some people will switch off after four paragraphs!

Using YouTube videos is fine. Or a photograph. Actually a photograph of the author would be cool to put with the post. Perhaps doing something sporty. Just like me, in my photo below. I know. I sadly lack many photos of me being sporty, and had to go some way back in the archives. And fishing was as good as it got. I didn’t even catch anything, if my memory serves me well. Pen names are perfectly admissable. Also, a link back to your blog, if you are a blogger, is your reward for your contribution. Although I’m not looking for a copy and paste from your own blog. Original content, por favour. I know I’m being a bit snotty now, but if the post already exists, you could just link to it in a comment!

If you’re interested, just send me an email using my Contact page and we can take it from there. Now I just have to sit back and wait for the flood of offers to come in. Or at least a dribble. I’ll admit it…one will do!

Waiting For A Bite


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