Bam Bam Thank You….Mexico

Mexico’s official World Cup tune is out. And in the tradition of most World Cup team songs, it’s pretty crap. Maybe you think different. Maybe I should have watched it to the very end, and then I wouldn’t have missed the good bit. Press play below and let me know. It could be worse, I guess. Have a looky see at this piece of football musical poop I found!  The unofficial tunes are usually the best. Vindaloo is an absolute classic, and so very English too. The BBC usually have a decent opening title scene as well. Nessun Dorma still brings tears to the eyes of Englishmen to this day. Oh, the heartbreak. Especially if your name is Paul Gascoigne. Their title for France 1998 was quite stirring too. And I suppose, seeing as this is a Mexico blog, I should post the link to the BBC Mexico 86 show opener too.

I did love the 2006 Pepsi ad by Molotov, featuring Rafael Marquez and Kikin Fonseca though – that is my abiding musical memory of the last World Cup in Germany. The best thing about that song were the lyrics. Despite my chronically poor Spanish, it was the one song I could sing along to with everyone else. There hasn’t been as brilliant a song as this, lyrically speaking, since Hagar the Horrible tried his hand at singing in the 80’s.


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