World Cup Give Away #4

There are a few old street antique markets in Mexico City. I say antique, but perhaps some of the stuff there doesn’t qualify. But there’s plenty of old, unusual, bizarre or plain weird stuff to be found. One of my favourite markets is along Alvaro Obregon, but there’s also a cool one around a small square just a couple of blocks away.

I went there yesterday and found some old World Cup USA 94 cards and this little Gerrado Torrado figurine from 2004. I bought all the Mexico cards they had. The company that makes them is Upper Deck, who are still going. They must be collectible – you can find them on eBay. They don’t cost much though. Let’s face it, if I’d discovered they were worth a fortune, I wouldn’t now be giving them away!

Want them? Leave me a comment to claim it, and then send me an email thru my Contact page to tell me where to send it. Anyone and everyone, wherever you are in the world, are perfectly eligible to claim it, so long as you haven’t claimed one of the Give Aways already. Whether this is your first visit to my little  blog, or the thousandth. And they’re completely, and utterly free of charge! If they’ve already been claimed, the World Cup Give Away #2 is still, at the time of writing, up for grabs.


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