Mexico v Chile

I’d picked out Chile as a force to be reckoned with at the World Cup in an earlier post, and despite yesterday’s slightly lame showing I’m going to stick with that tip. Friendlies just aren’t the same thing as a competitive World Cup game. I’m not the only one who thinks so, mind you. Tim Vickery of the BBC agrees. I reckon he’s just copying my posts though…

I shot some video from the Azteca, along with some photos. Here’s the finished product. Needless to say I missed the goal itself, but you can catch that on YouTube. I did include the song Cielito Lindo, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post, at the beginning before the video action starts.


2 thoughts on “Mexico v Chile

  1. I watched the goal – a pass from Blanco and a fine kick in – however I agree these practice games or Exhibition games mean little – I can’t believe how they fill those US stadiums. I think Blanco is over the Hill. The World Cup is too serious to have some ‘end of their career’ allegiance thing going on I think. Whatever Viva Mexico!


    • Blanco is old, and he’s not going to play for a full 90 minutes. But he still contributes. More than his fair share as far as scoring and creating goals are concerned.

      I think if you want to point at a weakness in the Mexican team, it is that there is no direct replacement for Blanco who has genuine international quality. There are solid defenders, capable defensive midfielders and goal poachers galore. But they lack a real top drawer playmaker. Aside from Blanco.


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