Museo Del Chopo

For the last two or three years I’ve been meaning to visit the Museo del Chopo, in Santa Maria La Ribera. It isn’t far from the main Centro Historico, just a couple of stops on the metro. San Cosme or Revolucion – take your pick. It’s just a minute off the main road between the two stations. A couple of days ago I read a Facebook post by a Mexico City blogger about Chopo. It’s just re-opened having been closed for two or three years for remodelling. Just as well I didn’t pay it a visit before.

The 30 peso entry fee gains you access to a vast interior, as high as it is wide. Higher probably. It still looks a bit empty if you ask me, but there’s so much light and space that this place is definitely going to be a hit with future exhibitions. Once it’s got going. I did think, perhaps, that the entry fee should be a little less, or waived entirely, until they’ve really got it filled with stuff to look at.

The best feature of the museum is the building itself. Modern, old, bizarre, angular, curved, light, dark….a world of contrast in a mixed metal and brick construction. I set my camera to black and white, widescreen mode to get with the arty, funky style of the place. The photos are, as ever, on Flickr – click here. To see the museum web site (which would be much better if they included the opening hours, unless I’ve gone blind and missed it) then just click here.


2 thoughts on “Museo Del Chopo

    • The long wait is over señor! I was told I couldn’t take any photos inside, which was disappointing. I did snap a couple of renegade shots of the interior of the building when no one was looking though….


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