I’d heard the famous, or infamous, cry of the Latin commentator before I came to Mexico. Goooooooooool! Like that, but drag it on for a minute or three.  I’d always thought it over the top. A bit silly. But I’ve come to appreciate it. Love it even. A goal won’t be a goal without a goooool when I leave the country and go back to England one day. I’ll have to do it myself, I guess. I’ve had some practise, I do confess. There’s been a few games over the last few years when the excitement has gotten to me and I’ve decided to inform the neighbourhood that the ball has crossed the line, at the right end of the pitch. Gooooooooool!

But that’s not the only way for a commentator to celebrate. Televisa have a very deep throated commentator for whom a simple Goooooooool! just isn’t sufficient when you can sing a song. Chicharo, Chicharo, Chichariiiiiito, Chicharron….! I get the Chicharito bit. It’s Hernandez’s nickname. Chicharron? What’s crispy deep fried pork skin got to do with it?! Who knows. You can hear him go in the video at the bottom of the post.

Not that he’s the craziest commentator going. Not by a long shot. Check out this guy, who seems intent on dislodging his vocal chords and ejecting them into the crowd below. Then there’s this cute little blue chap, who goes for the more traditional version. And this commentator can go a full two minutes without breathing in, and here’s the video to prove it.

But I’ve saved the best for last. Norway might not spring to mind straight away when it comes to mental, crazed football commentators. But they really do it best. Does he mention Isambard Kingdom Brunel? No? Must be the only Brit he didn’t mention. Oh wait…Brunel was actually French. That explains everything. But there’s more. Check out this Norwegian. I’ll bet he didn’t have a hair left on his head by the time he finished that. But he probably left a lot of mouth foam on the table in front of him. Scary man? There was probably a few people sitting near him who died after the experience. Not fond of potty commentators? Ok, well I have one more clip for you. The funniest one, even if it does have a slightly unfair title! Ballerina would have been better!

Oops. I haven’t mentioned the actual football match. Well Mexico played Holland, played well as usual, got beat as always. To be fair they fielded a weaker team than the one starting against England. Whom they played just two days ago. I hadn’t held out much hope for them, but they did better than my prediction of a 3-0 defeat. I know, I’ve posted a lot of footy posts these last few days. There’ll be a short break now, as far as football is concerned. Eight days to be precise, till Mexico play their final game before the World Cup starts, against Italy. I had this game marked as their best chance for a win before they landed in Europe.

Italy are old at the back, and most of their back line have had a real stinker of a season. Mexico should be rested and at full strength. The Italians are there for the taking, if El Tri can step up a gear and start taking their chances. I’ll pick Mexico to win 2-1. But they’ll really need to be at their best. The Italians aren’t as strong as they have been in the past, and they might be a bit slow, but they’re a wily bunch.


4 thoughts on “Gooooooooooooool!

  1. Bob says:

    I think he says “Chicharón” (big pea) and not “Chicharrón” (deep fried pork skin), but I might be wrong. The game went more or less as expected given that most of the people that started at this game won’t be starting on June 11th. It is a bit worrisome to see that the team does not have real depth, but this is not shocking either. Overall I think the two first games of the European tour confirm what Aguirre said in an interview a few months ago (after which he was almost lynched): Mexico is a notch below the big powers.

    What I do not understand is the total drama made by some “analysts” after these games as if it were to be expected for Mexico to win against top competition in Europe. These people need to get a grip (seriously) and understand two things: 1) the point of these matches is to prepare the team for the world cup, and they have served well that purpose. 2) If Mexico faces these teams in the knock out stage, chances are they will lose. It doesn’t mean that they can’t pull a result (the difference is not so large as to make it completely unlikely), but the odds will be against them. Nothing new in that, I think.


    • That’s a pretty fair summary, but I do think they have a squad that can punch above their traditional weight in this tournament. There’s a lot of pretty weak squads on their way to South Africa.


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