Doesn’t time fly when you’re having so much fun? Exactly five years ago today I got on a plane at Heathrow and departed England. I suppose my fifth year Mexican anniversary is tomorrow though, when I landed. Long flight, so it was. Five whole years. How to celebrate? I guess a plate of tacos will go down well.

I managed to make a small photo collage which I’ve put below. Just in case anyone forgets how long as they’re reading this post. The photos are from my 365 set – it took a year to put together, so I might as well make the most of them! So the theme for today’s post is five. My blog is rapidly going to turn into a Mexican Sesame Street….

Top Five Referrers

I got more visitors through these bloggers than any others. Gracias! Same Life, New Location; A Canuck In Cancun; Southern Living; Bliss Bloggin’; Sparks Mexico.

Top Five Posts

The five most visited posts I’ve ever written suggest most people think food when they think of Mexico…. BarbacoaMexican Chess; Tacos; El Dona Homero; The Secret Wedding.

My Five Favourite Places

I’ve been across Mexico from top to bottom, east to west. I can now reveal my mostest favouritest places of them all…Guanajuato, Oaxaca, the Copper Canyon, Iztaccihuatl and of course, it goes without saying, Mexico City.

Five Reasons I Love Mexico City

There are lots of reasons. But the weather and food and numbers one and two. The friendliness of the people too. The museums. And last, but not least, the whole concept of mañana. That’s just so very me.

Five Things I Won’t Miss

The CD vendors on the metro. The way people jump queues. The ridiculous prices of anything electronic. The water turning off and not coming on again for hours or days. And my crooked neck….everything is made in Mexico based on the assumption a 6’3″ guerro won’t pass by, get on or otherwise make use of it.


6 thoughts on “Five

  1. Congrats on sticking it out. I have almost exactly double your Mexican time, having arrived over the border ten years back last January.

    You´ve seen lots more of Mexico than I have, but you´re young and energetic, plus Mexico City is a great center point for heading in all directions. You´re fortunate in that.

    Hey, we´re the same height. How you like those metal cross bars above the stall doors in public johns. How many times did you crack your skull before you learned to dodge them? Took me a long time, but I´m older and dumber than you.

    I don´t recall ever reading exactly the history of your meeting Paola. You met her after moving here, I imagine. Cough it up. Inquiring minds want to know, perhaps for the second time.


    • Don Felipe, I regularly bash my head on anything any everything. I’m surprised I’m not more scarred. My worst accident so far occurred in one of Coyoacan’s tree lined avenues. I got bored of having to duck under them, and checked one out. Just leaves. I walked through the next, deciding that a little brush against a few soft leaves wouldn’t hurt. The next, unfortunately, was loaded with thistles. Which left a half dozen long and deep scratches across my face.

      The history of me and Paola? That’s a secret señor, a secret! Or a potential post some time in the future….



  2. Kim G says:

    While wandering around Mexico City, I not infrequently bang my head too! And then mutter under my breath, Pinche païs de enanos!


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, fortunately, everything is high enough.


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