World Cup Give Away #7

The wait for the game to start can be tedious. And tense. What you need is a diversion. How’s about a game of cards? I have for this give away a set of Mexico Playing Cards, by Nokia, from the last World Cup in Germany, 2006. Still in the plastic wrapper! Never touched. I picked them up in a street mercado.

Want them? They can be yours. All you have to do is leave a comment in this post, then use the Contact page to send me the address you want them posted too. Simple as that. Anyone can claim them, providing you haven’t already claimed one of the World Cup Give Aways.


9 thoughts on “World Cup Give Away #7

  1. Dan in NC says:

    I cannot believe that this post has already been up for 3 hrs and nobody has grabbed the give-away!
    Sheesh! you do get going early – as it’s only 1030 EST!
    Dan in NC


      • Juan Fernando says:

        Thank you Gary! You owe us something about the Eng vs Jap game. Not very encouraging–to say the least–but prep games are hard to interpret really.


      • No probs!

        What can I say about the England Japan game though? Very drab and dull in my opinion. Most of the England players played like it just didn’t really matter. Which it didn’t.

        This is all pretty much par for the course. Englands pre World Cup friendly fixtures have never set the world on fire.


  2. Dan in NC says:

    It’s NBD to me. If this is Juan’s first time in the barrel let him have it….
    BTW– just seen the series of commercials Televisa is airing about their 2010 coverage of the Cup.
    These are some of the funniest ad’s I’ve seen in ages! I’m guessing they are on your local TV,
    but if not:
    Have a peek here:

    Dan in NC


    • If it’s NBD, and seeing as Juan is a first timer, then I’ll give it to him. You need to be clearer that you want to claim it too! Your generosity could be rewarded though….I have next weeks Give Away already, and in my opinion it’s the funkiest of the lot.


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