The Pond Of Eternal Stench

Another part of Mexican life I won’t miss. Not the turtles themselves….just the cleaning routine. Turtles produce the most vile smelling poop you could imagine. And there’s ten of them contributing. In two pools. It used to be a larger single pool, but when that burst once too many times, I replaced it with a pair of pools – Angus and Bob needed separating. They fight. The video is a bit pointless. I really wanted to experiment with the video editing software, and make a video that is speeded up 10x. Here it is.


7 thoughts on “The Pond Of Eternal Stench

  1. Not a bad video. I am a newbie to video clips so I’d say that you did a great job! Guess I wonder why you keep the turtles since they are kind of messy. I just started following your blog but from your comment here it seems that you are leaving Mexico?


    • I don’t keep turtles as such. They keep me. They have a little bell to ring when they need something. 🙂

      Yes, I am going to be leaving, but not just yet. I’ll be seeing this year out at least!


  2. tancho says:

    Gee…wouldn’t a bird in a cage be easier?
    The video made me tired…..but the shot of the beautiful looking specimen at the end made it worth while.


    • The specimen at the end is Floracita. Bless her cotton socks.

      We did try a bird. It didn’t work out between us, although there was a happy ending to that story.

      I’m going to stick to turtles….they’re much more my kind of animal despite the pong!


  3. Kim G says:

    Amusing video. So you didn’t use an intervalometer, but instead did that post-production? An intervalometer would be such an easy feature to put in consumer-grade video and still digital cameras, it’s a shame they don’t do it. Instead, you have to spend thousands on professional gear to get that particular feature.

    By the way, it seems rather daring of you, given the “reliability” of your water supply to have both turtle pools empty at the same time. Have you ever gotten them both dumped out and then had your water go off?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we once nearly ran over a turtle on a country road. Fortunately, it was indeed only “nearly.”


    • No, nothing flash done during filming. Everything done post production in Cyberlink PowerDirector. It’s a pretty neat piece of software. Simple to use, which I like. Lots of features, which I also like, even if I don’t know what half of them do! More experimenting to be done…

      And yes, the water has gone off a couple of times when the water’s been dumped and heading down the drain.

      It’s a nightmare…


    • By the way, Palacio has the new Fuji HS10 in stock. Quite quick for Mexico. The price? Also not bad for Mexico. Needless to say it’s 4,500 pesos more than it is the US. Almost double, but not quite…..


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