The Factory Tour

If you’ve ever wondered what teaching English in Mexico is all about, here’s a post for you. Complemented by a post on my TEFL blog, which goes into the purpose of making the video. Teaching English is about more than going through books endlessly and listening to fake conversations on a CD. It is what you want it to be, in the pursuit of adding vocabulary and fluency to your students use of English.

I was pretty pleased with the video quality. I just used my Panasonic FZ35, and a monopod. The narration does sound a bit iffy, and if you’re thinking it sounds like it was recorded on a cheap microphone, that’s because it was recorded on a cheap microphone. My iPod Nano microphone to be precise. To have the student speaking using the camera’s stereo mics was no good – the factory is too noisy.

And there is still a lot of factory noise in the video, but that’s all part and parcel of the factory floor. It’s a noisy place. Take away the decibels and you take away the atmosphere of the video. I’ve shown it to a couple of students at companies elsewhere and asked them for their impressions. They key thing was – did it create a positive and professional impression of the company? They both gave answers which were very positive. Thankfully! And anyway, I’ve come across many worse ‘factory tour’ style videos on the net! I’m interested – as are they no doubt – what’s your impression of the company? All criticism welcome, but be polite please…..they pay my wages!


5 thoughts on “The Factory Tour

  1. This video brought back memories of my working in factories in El Paso, Texas and Juarez. The molding operations shown are a lot more sophisticated that the ones that I was involved in at that time. The video was good because I was engrossed in the subject matter. The methodology for make the film was transparent. My thinking is that it was very effective while providing a quality positive high tech picture of the company.


    Other things that I take away from this is the quality shown by the workers. My job at that time was in quality control. I found the Mexican female workers to be easily trainable and very smart. This was at a time when the workers at the old factories in Nebraska were grumbling about pay and not too interesting at keeping their jobs. Cannot blame them as the economy was very strong and jobs were abundant!

    Could go on and on about that period but just wanted to provide feedback on the video.


    • And thank you for the feedback, amigo! I have to say, the willingness of Mexicans to work hard for a living without the grumbling I’d expect back home is a credit to the country. The Mexicans I know anyway….

      In a previous comment somewhere you asked if you could use or link to my content or something. I forgot to answer, but yes of course. I’m not overly protective of my content.


  2. Kim G says:

    Interesting video. Could you please set the default so that HD is off? When it’s on, it goes VERY slowly, with plenty of gaps.

    As for the video itself, It’d be a lot better if you did the voice-overs in a quiet room. Perhaps this wasn’t feasible, but it would have improved the video.

    None of your English speakers seems to have mimicked your own accent, though. Still seems like the north-of-the-border accent is what they’re shooting for. Pity, that. I’d love to hear some Mexicans with nice British accents, tinged with Spanish.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we have plenty of different accents just within route 128.


    • You can switch the videos from HD to SD on the video itself. The button is in the top right corner…you have to move your cursor over the video to make it appear though. But you’re right, HD does slow things down, and I do keep meaning to have it turned off as standard.

      I did record the audio in a quiet room….but then I overlaid it dierectly on to the noisy factory track. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the software I was using to reduce the factory volume…

      Mexicans with British accents? I know one. Nice chap, and everyone else is dead impressed with the quality of his accent. ‘Everyone else’ is from the US or Canada. To me it sounds comical!


  3. Carol says:

    Your video was informative regarding the making of plastic products that are very much used in the US. Factory work has it place in so many areas. Well filmed. Buena idea! Bravo to you!


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