Fuji HS10 Research

In a few weeks I hope to take possession of a new camera, the Fuji HS10. It’s a ‘Bridge’ camera – it looks a bit like a DSLR, with a mega 30x zoom lens. But really it’s a compact. With more features and gimmicks than you can shake a stick at. A 10mp Back Side Illuminated CMOS sensor, 10fps, 1000fps video, full HD 1080p video and that huge zoom I’ve already mentioned.

I’ve been doing my research. The camera is not without its critics and a number of flaws have been pointed out. Some of them terrible. But its become apparent to me, I hope, that these flaws are mostly due to incorrect use orexcessive expectation, and those that aren’t have been largely fixed by a firmware update.

But anyway, I’ve satisfied myself that I’ll enjoy this camera hugely, and researched its capabilities long before I decided to make the purchase. To be honest, there’s still little in the way of good sample photos and videos to look at, as it is such a new camera. But there is some. I have made a Gallery on Flicker with a selection of photos, and a Playlist on YouTube with ten video.


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