The Cantina

Less than a week to go. Next Friday I will be settled in my seat nice and early in a cantina somewhere near the centre of the city, ready to watch the opening ceremony and then the first game of the tournament – Mexico versus South Africa. A key game for both teams. If one loses they’ll probably need to beat France, not just take a point off them.

I’ve noticed more and more signs going up over the last week outside restaurants, coffee shops and cantinas, assuring their customers that they’ll be open good and early for the kick off. It’s just a matter of choosing which establishment I bless with my custom. I rather like the look of the cantina below to be honest. Just need to find out which street it’s on…


2 thoughts on “The Cantina

  1. Obet says:

    If you go to any establishment near to Garibaldi you can find quite similar characters to those that appears on the video, and of course they speak space languages, because most of the times I don’t understand anything what they say. And for sure you can find a multiple Mexican Jabbas.

    I wonder what it is about the chat between Franz Beckenbauer and that extraterrestrial guy.

    Gary, you have plans to go and check the FIFA Fan Fest on the Zócalo?


    • That`s too much tequila what does that, so it is!

      And yes, I may even go see the SA v Mexico game in the Zocalo. Looks like they`re installing the stand to hold the screen at the moment.


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