The Predictions

The friendlies are done and dusted, the kick off less than a week away….and surely there’ll be no more last minute injuries?! The World Cup is going to be missing quite some talent through injury. Beckham, Essien, Altidore, Ferdinand, Drogba, Barry and Torres still coming back from injury. And Salvador Canañas. If being shot in the head can be counted as an injury. So it’s time to make the final predictions.

I’ve gone through the main categories of Favourites, Outsiders and Darkhorses already – click here for a reminder. Have I changed my mind since then? Not much. Germany are weaker for the loss of Ballack and even more of an outsider than they were. Ivory Coast will miss Drogba big time. I had them down as Dark Horses, and I hold out hope for them unless Portugal rediscover their form.

But my final word on the matter is this. England to beat Spain in the final. With the former having overcome the Netherlands in the semis. The latter having beaten gallant Mexico. South Africa, Serbia, Paraguay and Brazil to make up the numbers in the quarter finals. All as is laid out in the nifty chart below, a zoomable version of which can be seen by clicking here. If you make your own prediction using the BBC’s predictor, do leave the link to it in the comments, por favor!

I’ve also made my own predictions now on the Yahoo World Cup Fantasy League. Haven’t you joined yet? You pick the results and scores, not the players, which makes it more a test of skill, and more fun. In my opinion. Click here for the info on how to get with it.


11 thoughts on “The Predictions

    • Spain to beat England in the final huh?!?! Yeah, I could see that happening. Spain are the better team. I`ve gone the opposite way out of a misguided sense of patriotism.

      But that`s not to say England don`t have a chance. If they played 10 times, I reckon Spain would win 5 of them, England 2 and 3 draws. A draw means penalties, which is 50/50. So I`d have to make Spain favourites, but there`s still reason for a degree of English optimism.


  1. Bob says:

    God, would I love to see Mexico in the semifinals. I hope you have the voice of a prophet Gary! I’ll send my predictions on Monday.


    • I think it is important for Spain to NOT win their group. There are a few teams I just don`t think they could beat – England and Holland as previously demonstrated. Spain too. They`d find Brazil difficult. More than difficult. Finishing second means they only have to face Argentina on the way to a semi….!


    • A Dutch Argentine final? All things are possible! The Dutch have plenty of talent, but Robbens latest injury is a serious worry. Without him, I don`t think they have a chance.

      But Mexico to beat England? Never gonna happen!!!


      • Opatije says:

        Vamos a ver Senor…I like what I see from Holland (and Mexico). I think it is time for Holland to shine…(not a Dutch fun though…:)


      • I rather like the way the Dutch are playing too. But I am also waiting for the traditional pre World Cup internal implosion! Hopefully they will give that a miss this time round. Could they win? It`s possible. Although I think maybe they are not quite strong enough in every department to get all the way without coming unstuck.


    • Two predictions for the Dutch to win it now…

      I see you fancy Serbia too. I have them going out a little earlier, but then I have them coming up against Mexico…so…. 🙂

      They qualified well though, and I do think they’ll top Germany in the group stages.


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