World Cup Give Away #8

This postcard is a pretty special postcard, even if I do say so myself. Almost mint condition, it’s a 40 year old commerative card from the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. It’s a full two years older than I am. The lettering and symbols are also made of a cloth type material. Funky! How often do you get the opportunity to get something this cool, for free?!

Want it? It can be yours. All you have to do is leave a comment in this post, then use the Contact page to send me the address you want it posted too. Simple as that. Anyone can claim them, providing you haven’t already claimed one of the World Cup Give Aways. You should also let me know if you want the card itself stamped and addressed, or if you’d prefer it in an envelope to preserve it.


3 thoughts on “World Cup Give Away #8

  1. J.R. Alvarez says:

    Awesome. where do you get such mementos? anywho, in the event that Nancy is disqualified for HGH use or simply because she is not a HUGE Mexico fan, of Mexican decent and going to South Africa to watch a match, i would love to be considered. thanks.


    • Hello Señor Alvarez! It`s first come first served I`m afraid and Nancy beat you too it! But I have other postcards still available – check out the Postcards page. And there`s more to come in future. Keep checking back!

      Are you in Mexico? I got this card, and other stuff, from street markets. There`s two near my Saturday job. One is a big one along Alvaro Obregon. Know it?


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