Maps, Movies and Modern Marvels

The San Il Defonso museum (map), just behind the Metropolitan Cathedral that towers over the Zocalo in the heart of Mexico City, has always been one of my favourites. It´s a big museum, and often hosts two or even three exhibitions alongside its permanent stuff. Sometimes those exhibitions are good. Some even fantastic. Occasionally there is a ´must visit´amongst them. At the moment, all three temps are in the latter category. And there is a British flavour to two of them.

Old maps are always interesting. Not that they help you see how the world looked centuries ago, but to see how the people of the time thought the world looked. A map was a political, economical and imperial tool as well as a status symbol. There`s plenty of British maps on display – they are noticeably more accurate. That`s a key reason why zero degrees longitude goes through London, not Paris or New York.

There´s also an exhibtion dealing with the Mexicvan revolution and cinema. They are even showing old films in a projection room. Get along to the museum early, allow yourself plenty of time, and get comfortable. And finally there is a fabulous exhibition showing the international works of Norman Foster, the British architect, through photos, models and drawings. Including a large mock up of a proposed Campus Biometropolis in the south of Mexico City. This was, I have to say, the first I`d heard of it.


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