World Cup Winnings

My lack of home internet connection (yep – still waiting for Telmex to come round and replace my bust modem) is not only frustrating the hell out of me, but costing me money too! Not just because doing paid ads on my other blogs is on hold, but also because I wanted to pick up some free bets on internet betting sites, and have a few little flutters on the World Cup. I could go to an internet cafe (well, that´s where I actually am at the moment) but I´m not entering credit card numbers or PayPal passwords into a shared PC, thank you very much.

You might argue that Telmex is actually saving me money, by stopping my betting spree. Well, we´ll see. I´m just going to have to pretend to have laid the bets. If you´re in the UK, or can wangle it to make it look like you do, then Ladbrokes seem to have the best offer. Bet a fiver on a game, and they´ll give you four free bets of five British pounds. There are terms and conditions of course – the main one being you don´t get the stake back on a free bet if you win. There´s plenty of other offers from other bookies though – click here for a decent list of them.

So anyway. My T&C´s. I´ll pretend to have taken advantage of Labrokes offer and thus I have 5 bets of £5 to lay. I’ll accept William Hills offer too, which is a free £25 bet with an initial £25 wager. The same deal at Tote Sport. So in total I have £125 I can slap down on 9 different bets. More if I win. In 30 days I’ll find out if Telmex has done me a favour, or cost me dear. To kick things off….

I’m going to go with my initial conviction that England and Spain will be the two finalists. I’ll put down £25 at William Hill at 12/1

I’ll put a £5 free Labrokes bet on Gerrado Torrado to score the first goal on Friday at a very generous 25/1

And my paid £5 bet at Labrokes on Mexico to beat South Africa by 3 goals to 1 at odds of 20/1.

Yes, they are all longish shots, but you don’t get decent payouts on ‘sure things’. Besides, I’m not betting with real money. So no need to wish me luck….


6 thoughts on “World Cup Winnings

  1. RichMont says:

    My heart bleeds for you, well I know a bit of how you feel being disconnected! So telmex is not very receptive or responsive to internet customer service I assume? I have opted to go with Megacable here because they are are not too bad is responding to service complaints. Usually they are there the same day. But yes you might just be saving some money not being able to easily place your bets.

    What, do you mean you are not trusting using your credit numbers over internet cafes? Can’t stay the I blame you for your caution. There are just too many horror stories regarding stolent ID’s!


    • I’d like to bin Telmex, both phone and internet, and Sky in one foul swoop and go for Cablevision. Then I´d have the extra TV channels I want, plus BBC World (which comes in a basic package with cable, but is in the most expensive package with Sky), and could use Skype for phone calls. But alas…..cable has not yet come to my part of town!


  2. Kim G says:

    Kidnappings, drug gangs, intermittent water… I can cope with all these.

    But intermittent internet service? That’s one of my horror scenarios of moving to Mexico.

    If I ever move there, I’ll need near 100% internet service in order to make a living.

    You have only Telmex for internet? There’s no other option?

    Is there any way to get them to move faster? Bribes? Camping out in their offices?

    Pray tell.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I don’t think my internet service has ever failed.
    Thank you, Verizon.


    • It is just so painful. Telmex said they’d send someone out within 72 hours. And ended the conversation by telling us if no one had appeared by then, phone back and start the whole process again. Gee…

      It’s been 84 hours….

      I’d go for Cablevision if I had the choice. But it hasn’t made it this far south. So I have no choice. I am considering the picketing option.


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