Love Thy Neighbour. Then Kill Them.

As if an afternoon out watching England play out a dismal draw against the US wasn’t bad enough, I came home to a scene of complete and utter turtle catastrophe. The pond nearest the patio was flat as a pancake, the water and turtles gone, and dozens of shards of glass and chunks of concrete everywhere. The other turtle pond had had its middle ring punctured as well.

The cause? The top most neighbours (we are the bottom of a three storey block) had decided to replace their window and had knocked it out, sending a ton of glass and concrete into our yard. Were we warned this would happen? Nope. The neighbour above us got five minutes warning. We were out, watching the England game. So they decided to go ahead anyway. And there’s no way they could have thought for a minute that they could knock out the window without bursting at the least the nearest pool. There’s no excuses. They basically did it deliberately.

Maybe it’s just me. But I can’t help but feel that you shouldn’t do something that you know is going to destroy your neighbours property. Or the neighbours of the people you are working for, as is probably the case. It’s a miracle none of the turtles were injured or killed. If they couldn’t get in touch with us to let us know what’s happening, and to move the pools, they should have waited until they could.

We did go straight up there. The house was empty. There were people in the house next door, also having renovation work, who told us the guys would be back on Monday. They were wandering around inside both houses though. We suspect they are the ones who hired the workmen, but were avoiding responsibility.

Regardless, they have to come back to fix a new window. We shall get an admission of responsibility and 500 pesos out of someone. Plus extra for me cleaning up their mess. I suspect they’ll need access through our yard to be able to properly fit the window from the outside, something that won’t be available to them until I have the cash in my hand. Failing that, they’ll have a nice shiny window. And I have a brick. Karma is a bitch.


3 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbour. Then Kill Them.

  1. Kim G says:

    What an outrage! The turtles must have been terrified….

    I hope you get your 500 pesos. Somehow I rather doubt it, but I’m rooting for you.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, fortunately, there’s no one above us.


    • The turtles probably forgot all about it within two minutes. That’s the plus size of having a dust speck sized brain. He did phone later. Not his fault apparently. He knocked on our door Thurs afternoon and got no answer. The fact he could have phoned later, seeing as he has our number, or even left a note under the door seems to totally escape him.

      He’s offered to repair the pools. We’ve declined. The flattened one has a ten inch slash where a huge shard went straight in. He doesn’t believe us and wants to inspect it. He’s welcome to. Regardless, yesterday morning we had two fairly new and undamaged pools. That’s what I want.

      Aside from the brick, we have one other trump card. He’s going to need access through our patio to properly fit in his window. There will be an ‘access charge’. About 500 pesos….

      On a brighter note, I now have a new modem, collected and can tappity type from home again!


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