USA 1 England 0

Fortunately, bad as the final scoreline was today in the 2010 World Cup, the title of the post wasn’t it. The 1-0 scoreline was from a previous meeting in the World Cup. In 1950, some sixty years ago. A famous scoreline it was too. The US were considered to have no chance, absolutely no hope, against an England team full of legends and considered by many to be the best in the world, and firm favourites to lift the Jules Rimet trophy.

And yet….it wasn’t to be. Ironically, this was England’s first ever World Cup game. We hadn’t entered previous tournaments because, believe it or not, the English FA felt that we didn’t need to prove we were the best in the world. We already knew that to be true. Really. So the result was perhaps something of a fitting end to our first campaign. Such arrogance deserved a little come back.

Why am I talking about this old game though, when there was a more recent one? As in, earlier today. Two reasons. Firstly, because today’s game was too depressing. The England that turned out today won’t win a World Cup. On the bright side, Gareth Barry is yet to come back, Joe Cole will surely replace Milner, and, I sincerely hope, Hart will replace Green in goal. We can do much, much better than that.

Secondly, because I came across this video that was linked to by someone on Twitter. It’s a great, and tragic story. The story of the man who scored that winning goal for the US in 1950. A chap called Joe Gaetjens, who was a Haitian immigrant, and whose life didn’t go as one might expect it to after making such a hero of himself. You won’t need to be a football fan to get something from this video. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

4 thoughts on “USA 1 England 0

  1. Opatije says:

    Putting aside truly awfull goaltending flop England has actually played pretty good game – IMHO. US has been outplayed and outhassled during majority of the game. Slovenia should do very well against US. I can see England improving considerably as the tournament progresses.



    • There were plus points but also some rather worrying points in Englands performance. I’d hoped that the England who qualified for the tournament in such style would turn up. Not the england who played such mediocrity in the recent friendlies. A bit of both turned up. We were better than the US though.

      I have mixed feelings about Heskey though. He does work well with Gerrard and Rooney, and he creates goals. But surely, surely, a striker must also be able to score?! He can’t.

      I would have liked to have seen Defoe start alongside, and in front of, Rooney. But the next commenter has a point that’s been raised a lot, by me included….


  2. Ian says:

    I was disappointed with the result, but always knew the US would be a tough team to beat. In the English papers this morning, Rob Green is getting way too much of the blame. Okay, it was an absolutely horrendous error, but they’re practically writing off his entire career here. I feel sorry for the guy. Besides, I suspect the papers are trying to disguise just what a lacklustre display it was by England overall.

    Not sure if you know this, but Gary Lineker and several other top pundits have urged Capello to play Gerrard alongside Rooney (a la with Torres at Liverpool) if England are to have a serious chance in this tournament. I agree. We NEED to get the very best out of Gerrard and Rooney. I don’t care if this means dropping Lampard or Heskey. I wonder if Capello has the guts though.

    By the way, sorry about your turtles, Gary. That is absolutely disgraceful!


    • Rob Green was a catastrophe waiting to happen if you ask me. Capello should take some of the blame…..he could have picked Hart.

      Gerrard played just fine. Rooney was quiet. And yet it is Heskey playing alongside him that normally gets the best out of him. Just an off day for Rooney? I hope so.

      I think Gerrard playing behind Rooney would work, as it has worked for Liverpool with Gerrard playing behind Torres. But I’d rather see that in a more counter attacking formation when we’re playing top opposition.

      Against teams we should steamroller, I’d prefer to play with two strikers, Rooney and Defoe preferably, and see us try and score plenty of goals.

      My turtles are plotting their revenge….


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