No Huevos!

Bull fighting is a controversial issue in the UK, despite there being such massive support for riding horses across fields to watch a pack of dogs rip a fox to pieces. It’s controversial in Spain too, where it is gradually being banned in cities across the country. And in Mexico, whilst there isn’t much of a visible anti-bull fighting movement, the sport/art/atrocity (delete according to your perspective) has little support. Mexico City may have the largest bull ring in the world, but they can’t fill it. They are lucky to get it a quarter full.

Plenty of tourists do go and see a bull fight though. I did, a couple of years ago. It’s pretty brutal, there’s no getting away from that. There are, I guess, certain ethical, and maybe moral, issues that one must deal with before buying a ticket. It is part of Mexican culture, and there is so much tradition on display. On the other hand, they could just turn the stadium into a museum. I imagine the stadium is protected from developers – it has a huge footprint on a very expensive street in the city. In the end I decided I’d go and see it, just once. Once was enough. I posted about it at the time – click here. Is it something you’d go to see, or give a wide berth? It’s a personal choice I think.

But every now and again something happens that puts the sport in the headlines. A few years ago it was a bull named Little Bird….my he could fly! The video is worth watching. The bull came to a grisly end, but that isn’t shown, so you can press play without fear of having any nightmare inducing slaughter occurring. Unlike my own video, which is in my aforementioned old post.

Last weekend a similar incident took place. Except it wasn’t the bull who flew over the barricades. It was the matador. Utterly bizarre. He had a Homer Simpson moment, to say the least. This is the matador equivalent of stage fright, I guess! And for his lack of bravery, he was arrested and fined for breach of contract! The man has no huevos. No eggs. No cojones. Or, if you haven’t got it yet, no balls. Can’t say I blame him. The crowd didn’t seem too pleased though…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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7 thoughts on “No Huevos!

    • Could be worse. He could have climbed to the top diving board in a pool and jumped, realising at that moment he didn’t like heights or water…

      He at least had the option of running!


    • You wouldn’t see a Frenchman dropping his red cloth and running like that. For a start, a Frenchman waves a white piece of cloth, not red. A strict rule.

      Wouldn’t happen to an Englishman either. We’d use goats instead of bulls. And guns instead of swords. We didn’t get an Empire by taking on anything dangerous looking, you know.

      Nor to an American. He’d already be sitting in a safe place, up in a box somewhere, attacking the bull with radio controlled drones, dropping darts on it. Napalm if no one is watching…



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