El Decimoséptimo De Junio

I suspect the exact date will soon be forgotten, unlike the Cinco de Mayo. But the day will never be forgotten. Arguably Mexico’s finest World Cup performance ever. Definitely their best result ever. I was there, in the Zocalo, along with tens of thousands of fans. And I made the march down to the Angel of Independence to celebrate a little bit more.

Other than Franco and Vela, both of whom seem to be bearing a long term grudge against someone in Row Z and trying to hit them with the ball repeatedly, the whole team were outstanding. Salcido rarely gets the headlines, but the guy is a rock, every time. Gio Dos Santos had another fantastic game. Juarez was everywhere. Marquez was Marquez and bossed midfield.

Am I forgetting anyone? They all had great games. And Blanco…..is it a coincidence that all three of Mexico’s goals have been scored while he is on the pitch. Today he simply helped steady the ship, and stepped up to hit a perfect penalty to seal the points. That’s three World Cup tournaments he’s scored in.

There’s still work to be done though. A draw against Uruguay would see both Latin American teams through. But it would also see Mexico face Argentina. Just a couple of weeks ago that wouldn’t have worried me too much. But the Argies have really stepped it up since. I think Mexico would rather finish top, and face England in the quarters. They would fancy their chances on current form.

Whatever, they mustn’t get beaten by Uruguay. They aren’t in the knock out stage yet. A bad result for El Tri, and a French win by three goals over South Africa, and the party will come to a sudden end. I have plenty of photos on Flickr, of course. Click here to see them. And a video for a post tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “El Decimoséptimo De Junio

    • Looks like a typical, raucous Mexican atmosphere you had there! They played like never before, and bugger me….they actually won!

      I kind of imagined the Irish might well adopt Mexico as their team. If not before, then now surely! I tried to leave a comment on your post by the way, but it wasn’t working for me…


  1. Ian says:

    As a Brit/one-time chilango living in the UK, I was cheering on Mexico from start to finish. Probably the biggest, most historic Mexican victory I’ve seen since I started watching them in 2005 (bigger than the Brazil game in 2007, which was also huge!). Awesome! Really happy for El Chicarito, as I hope he gets a chance to shine at Man U, and nice to see Blanco cap off the win. Depending on how things work out, it would be great to see Mexico face the USA in the quarter-finals to get revenge for 2002 and reach their first ever semifinal. But it seems that Argentina has long been Mexico’s “bogey” team and I’m not sure El Tri can live with Messi, Tevez, Higuain & co. if they draw them in the last 16.


    • Like I said, a few weeks back, on Argentina’s form, I would have fancied Mexico against them. They seem to have turned it around. But….South Korea were pretty poor and Argentina aren’t entirely convincing at the back. So I wouldn’t entirely write them off….


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