Dancing With An Angel

As well as all the photos, I took some video footage which I put together to create a mini Mexico movie, just to give an idea of the atmosphere in the heart of Mexico City. Plenty of flags, wigs, costumes, face paint and of course horns. I admit it, I bought one. It was only 10 pesos after all…


12 thoughts on “Dancing With An Angel

  1. Nez says:

    Sorry to be crude Gary, but after watching England vs. Algeria I not only want my money back (and I didn’t even spend any!) but I sincerely hope you and your wife are seeing more English action in the bedroom.



    Well said.


    • That ranks as one of the most disappointing and embarrasing English performances I’ve ever seen. Almost as bad as stuff under Graham Taylor and Steve McClaren.

      Let’s face it, if I get a twitch on my eyelid, that’ll produce more action than I saw today. And I can do that sleeping…


  2. Opatije says:

    An interesting spectacle – for the lack of better word 🙂

    Algeria is a solid team with some outstanding coaching. Like I said before (not here) the pre-cup warmups are meaningless.

    It will be tough for England to produce good result against Slovenia. Another team who’s playing with confidence and skill.

    England – Slovenia 1:1


    • Interesting? You’re being polite.

      I can only hope that England seriously pull their act together for Slovenia. They are much, much better than this. But if they carry on bumbling along, they’re gone. Technically they still could go through with a draw if the other game ends in a stalemate with fewer goals scored.

      But they wouldn’t deserve to go through without managing to win a game.


  3. Kim G says:

    Great video! I so much wanted to be there with everyone celebrating and generally joyous. It was so exciting when Mexico kicked France’s butt.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the prevailing sentiment is, “World what?” Unfortunately.


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