The Mexican Autopsy

Was it just me, or did it seem, right from the announcement of the team, that Aguirre had this match as a ‘not important’  sort of a game. A friendly. A kick around. Blanco starting? Please! I’ve defended him plenty, but as a player whose role is as an impact substitute. Not a starter. Franco up front? Again? The rest of the world can see he can’t score.

Why not Aguirre. This was an important game. Winning would mean topping the group. That would mean facing Korea or Nigeria in the first knockout round. Very winnable. Then the winner of England’s group in the quarters. At the moment, it’s far from certain that will be England. Slovenia? Very winnable.

And then Mexico could well be in the semi final. And just 90 minutes from a possible appearance in the World Cup final! But that isn’t the route they’ll now have to take. Getting beat by Uruguay means a price must be paid. Next up will be Argentina in all likelihood, unless Greece can pull off the shock of the tournament so far. If they did manage to get past the Argies, then their next opponent could be Germany. No ifs or buts…it’s a much harder route.

But still. They have qualified. And it isn’t all over yet. I favour Argentina over Mexico, but it’ll be a close and competitive game. I live in hope. There’s no reason to give up whatsoever. As strong as Argentina have looked, they have had some pretty easy opposition, and even so, they’ve looked a bit iffy at the back.

Last word on today’s game…..no, I just can’t be bothered. It was all just too dreary to report on. Not as bad as England’s performances so far, mind you. But poor nonetheless. Instead I’ll leave a little video for all those who feel there’s been too much diving and play acting in this World Cup. It has been bad, yes. But it could be worse. Take a look at this one…..and he got away with it somehow!


6 thoughts on “The Mexican Autopsy

  1. Opatije says:

    Referring at its best…cool video.

    Now on to today’s events. I just want to emphasize that South Korea is not a push-over. I actually give better chances to Korea – they play fast and are fearless.

    I’m really looking forward to see how England responds under pressure. Slovenia has a good team and the draw against US was a huge disappointment.

    By the way…Do you think Algeria can pull an upset on US? Another scoreless draw?

    Again England 1 Slovenia 1

    Arriba Mexico!


    • Korea aren’t mugs, but they’re not Argentina either. And Mexico are, on paper at least, a better team.

      I’m sincerely hoping we see a significant improvement from England tomorrow. Anything less and they’re on a plane home early. Which would be a tragedy. For the English anyway.

      I’m going to pick a 4-1 win for England. Be positive!!!!

      Algeria v USA? 2-1 to the Americans.


  2. Juan Fernando says:

    History escaped Aguirre today. Can’t blame the players as they gave all they have (with the probable exception of Maza, who should have scored that goal). The team lacked the speed displayed against the Bafana Bafana and France, and this was clearly because Blanco was part of the starting line-up. Franco is a disgrace and Aguirre is probably the only person in the world that can’t see that. The pace of the game changed immediately after Chicharito and Barrera entered the field, but it was probably too late. And then, to add insult to injury, he takes out Guardado! All this is just beyond comprehension…

    I will be wearing my green shirt and will shout as a lunatic every minute of the game on Sunday, but I know it will take more than a miracle to beat Argentina.

    PS Thanks for the cards, I love them! Instead of dominó, poker was played at home last Thursday 🙂


    • Glad the cards arrived!

      I don’t think Mexico need a miracle. They just need to work hard, pass well, and shoot straight. And with a little bit of luck, they can pull it off. If Mexico played Argentina 10 times at the moment, I’d say the Argentines would win 5 of them. Mexico three and a draw twice. It’s close.


  3. Opatije says:

    What do you think about Medina? He’s done really well lately and in my opinion the el Tri offence is more potent with him.



    • I think Medina is one of the sharpest shooters in the team at the moment. It’s a shame he isn’t being given the opportunity to show it. His goals against Italy and Chile were hit wonderfully by a striker with confidence. Franco is next to useless.

      Another point to how I rate Mexico’s chances against Argentina – Chicharito must play. As must Guardado. And either Barrera, or preferably Medina, alongside Hernandez and Gio up front.

      But most importantly, but least likely to happen, Marquez in defense. Uruguay showed today what a decent passing team can do to Mexico’s defence. Rafa brings more the the back four than the middle three.


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