The Wall

How happy am I today? Very happy. Very happy indeed. I bought myself a pair of tickets, one for me and one for Paola, to go and see Roger Waters perform The Wall in Mexico City. They weren’t cheap…same prices as Paul McCartney. Although they don’t appear to have sold out quite so fast. And he’s added another date. So if you’re in the neighbourhood on December 18th or 19th, and you hurry, you might still get lucky. I hit the ‘Buy’ button at 11am, the moment the tickets went on sale.

Chilangos love their music, and whilst there’s plenty of homegrown stuff, they get downright fanatical with international (mainly UK/US) stars. Rod Stewart, McCartney, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and Simply Red, amongst others, all have massive fan bases here. Selling out stadiums is not difficult.

But perhaps Roger could have stuck to his roots, ala Berlin 1990. And played in Tijuana, or another town next to a 21st century wall. The wall that has been (part) built to keep Mexicans inside their own country. Ronnie Reagan could make a posthumous appearance too, and scream ‘Mr Obama, tear down that wall’ to add a little US emotion to the proceedings. Not that all, or even many, US citizens along the border want to see it torn down, it has to be said. And not that I’m complaining that it’s being held in DF. Much easier to get to!


7 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. I like Roger Waters very much. Good choice.

    Speaking of rock venues in Mexico, during one of my trips to Guadalajara in the 1980’s, David Lee Roth came to town. He did some great radio promos there in Spanish. I’m not sure if he really speaks it, but if not, he sure practiced the radio ads to the satisfaction of everyone.

    I think Queen had a great following in Mexico years ago. I liked them, too.

    I’ll never be fond of the US wall at the southern border unless it’s repurposed as an art project. To me it seems like yet another political football in a country that’s looking every which way for scapegoats.


    • Turns out Mexicans like Waters a lot too. He’s added a few extra dates. And it never ceases to amaze me just how popular British bands are here. Especially the old ones. Even the crap ones!


      • This is all just speaking in the theoretical, as I’m sure none of us ever partake of anything not currently legal, but I have *heard* that it is possible to get so stoned off your gourd that you’ll sit in the same chair at a party for three hours while having to pee badly because you fear falling through the glass coffee table in front of you and everybody will see it. lol. How’s that for a great sentence? 😉 That’s when Waters sounds his best!


      • But all, of course, theorectical! I could mention the time someone theorectically got so stoned he thought the conservatory was a toilet, did a wee in the corner hiding behind the curtains, and then walked back through the house….with about 30 foot of curtain following him. Those damned cords get tangled so easily.

        Theorestically, he was never invited back to that house…


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