Fifa Blog Fest

I’ve mentioned more than once, I primarily write my blog for me. It’s like an online diary, of sorts. To accompany my photo collection on Flickr. But people do add comments. Conversations do start. Arguments occasionally break out, but have happily always remained civil and mostly constructive. Or have been deleted by yours truly! Friendships have been made. Some virtual, but every now and again, friendships have spilled over to the real world. Some say bloggers are just so, so narcissistic. They have a point. But there can be more to it than that.

Fame has been achieved thanks to my blog. Twice now. Not much fame. Not even five minutes, both combined. But still, I’ll take what I can get. I’ve taken advantage, twice now, of the generosity of someone who reads my blog. The first time getting a camera brought to me from the US, at US prices. That’s priceless. The second time? More on that later in the week.

And today I met a chap who reads my blog for the first time. And another who I met for the second time. The location – the Zocalo. The event – England v Germany. I had a fellow Englisher to commiserate with. And a Mexican to rant my frustrations at. He got off easy really. We (or should I say ‘the England team’ and gently disassociate myself from that walking disaster…) weren’t good enough and the game wasn’t close enough for most of the 90 minutes, for stress levels to really build up. But it was good to have some fellow footy fans to share the game with. Paola does offer support, but she doesn’t really get why they couldn’t just add on a goal for England at the end of 90 minutes to make up for it!

Blogging is fun. It’s a record to look back on. It’s a way of keeping alive old memories, of inspiring things to do to create new memories, and to share what you find. It’s a good way to connect with people who have stuff to share in return. And it’s a continual source of creating new friendships. And getting cheap cameras!

Don Felipe, I’m still waiting for that coffee in Coyoacan. Time is ticking. Only six months left for me here! You have a question that I haven’t gotten round to answering….it’s one to be asked over a latte. 🙂 Incidentally, the masked man in the bottom right photo – no idea who he is. Probably doesn’t read my blog. But I liked the shot. And he did come over to take my photo in my England shirt later. He was probably mocking me. Like photographing an animal you just shot….

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6 thoughts on “Fifa Blog Fest

  1. One of the auto-generated links at the bottom of this post wants to take me to an article called “diaper free”. Possibly related?

    I like meeting people through my blog. I do have a bit of practice already though. Some of my best friends are people I met through Livejournal in the past 9 years. It is great to have someone to visit when you are in a new city or country (and to reciprocate as well, of course).


      • Ha! No. One of the more vicious rumours that has been spread about me across the blogosphere is that I am “sweet” or “nice”. That is not true. If I wanted to tell you that your blog was a pile of poop, I would have just come out and said it!

        And yes, it would be lovely to meet up next time you are in town.


  2. Just like you I write blogs mostly for myself. My latest is called Just Pictures and that is how I will use it to post some of the thing captured by my camera. Of course I might add a comment or to but the nerdy and thinker stuff is more for my other blogs.

    When I first got into Mexico it was way too costly to buy a digital camera. I’d brought some cheap ones in the USA but they were not all practical for the telling of stories and besides that they ate battery life like crazy! Finally picked a nice one up at Morelia Costco. It was discounted but still cost at least one hundred dollars more than it would have back home in Texas.

    I’ve met a few bloggers and made a few friends doing that. I belonged to a very neat community of bloggers, Modblog, but it their server was sold off at they all scattered to other websites. I still stay in touch with a few of these.

    My condolences on England’s loss but life goes on.


    • Life does go on…just not as happily.

      The cost of electronics in Mexico is outrageous. The tax is mostly to blame. I just bought a new camera, brought in the US, paying just over 5000 pesos for it. Or I could have bought it here and paid 10,500 pesos for it. You work it out! Madness….


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