A New Camera

I have a new camera! I know, I just got a new camera back in February, a shiny Panasonic FZ35. Which was, and is, a very nice camera. Excellent image quality, excellent value for money. But I wanted bigger, better, more expensive. And so I introduce you to my new best friend, my new shooter, and the source of most of the photos that will be appearing on my blog for the next year or three – the Fuji HS10.

It’s a beast. Larger and heavier than the FZ35, without being too large. And the heft is nice. The 30x manual zoom lens is nice too. The CMOS sensor promised excellent low light photography, promises which my first few photos suggest have been kept. It has settings galore. And it looks like a real, grown up camera. I’ll be reviewing it in several parts on my photography blog, with the first post, First Impressions, already up. And there are some sample shots on my Flickr page.

The camera costs 10,500 pesos in Mexico. Far too much for my wallet. Fortunately, I have an amigo from the US who travels south on a regular basis, and I got the camera for much much less. Damnable Mexican import taxes. Gracias amigo!


6 thoughts on “A New Camera

  1. The Fuji is very nice but perhaps a little bulky of my taste. Nice price! I have Panasonic that I was going to let go because it was going through batteries like crazy. Bought a new Cannon, not as nice as your Fuji, but about the same weight and bulk. Yes it was an improvement but I found the Lumix severs special needs such as closeup and travel much easier. Found some much more durable batteries so I have kept both cameras. Each serves its own purpose. Loved the new photos.


    • The Fuji is bulky for a compact ‘brisge’ camera, but to be honest, even the smaller ones aren’t going to fit in a pocket. So if you have to carry a bag, the extra few grams don;t make much difference. But it’s one of those things – personal preferences and all that!

      Glad you liked the photos. So far I’m seriously pleased with the image quality, especially in low light.


  2. Angeline M says:

    Cute guys….but it’s the background! Love the yellow house/wall tucked behind the trees and the blue wall on the opposite side; and the trees…I feel like I could reach out and touch them. Looks like this little camera is going to provide some lovely shots for us all to enjoy.


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