Photo 7,000

My 7000th photo on Flickr has been uploaded. It’s a shot of a fruit and veg stall in an indorr market in Coyoacan, Mexico. It was taken with my new Fuji HS10, which seems to have excellent low light image quality for a compact. I’d usually end up with a much noisier image than this with my old FZ35.

Cut Up


6 thoughts on “Photo 7,000

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, the low light image quality seems to be really good…you can see the inside of the stall well, and the fruit colors are just stunning.


  2. Hey Gary!

    Good news about the Fuji and great work on the site. It now seems so much more manageable. The images look great! Did you do any post processing. I almost always increase the contrast with the Fz35. I will look into the camera again. Must be more info out now!
    Site looks good.


    • I did a little post processing, but not much was required. Although I have to say the images Fuji pumps straight out of the camera are much nicer than I got out of my FZ35. Although that’s not a slur on the FZ. I just never did play with the settings to get them right! After processing, there’s not much difference between them. Except in low light – the Fuji does an excellent job there. And at full 30x zoom – the images from the Fuji are superb. They got a bit soft in the FZ at full zoom. And the Super Macro on the Fuji is great too. So fa, I’m a very happy snapper!


  3. Kim G says:

    The lack of noise on that shot is quite good. What was the ISO setting for that shot?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA

    Where we increasingly wonder whether the benefits of a DSLR are worth lugging around 5 pounds of plastic, glass, and metal.


    • It’s actually ISO100. Which surprised me. I’d never get a compact to take such a clear photo indoors at ISO100 normally. I think I said when we were out that the Image Stabilisation looked fantastic. Here’s the proof!

      I do have some shots at ISO400 and 800 though, and they are perfectly acceptable.

      Stony Stare

      Mmmm Chiles

      Set In Stone


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