San Carlos On Reforma

Now that the World Cup is done, for England and Mexico anyway,  it’s back to the postcards. But not for long. I am going to revamp my blog a little in a week or so, and giving away postcards won’t be part of the new idea. I started giving away postcards because I saw someone else do it, and thought it was a nice idea. Then I thought it might help the image of Mexico, just a little, during the flu and narco crises last year. And then because I got recipients to click on a few advert links to make me a little bit of cash!

Just before the World Cup started, I came across a huge bundle of really old postcards at a street market near Alvaro Obregon. I snapped up four of them, including two which were past of my World Cup gifts – of the Estadio Azteca and the Olympic Stadium.

They were cool, but this one is cooler. The Carlos IV statue on Reforma, at night. Because it’s been an awfully long time since this statue was on Reforma. It has had several homes, making its way to Reforma in 1852, before being placed outside the MUNAL in 1979. That would make this a 1970’s postcard.

The question for the person who claims it is, do you want it addressed, stamped and posted, or placed in an envelope so that it remains ‘as new’? Your choice. Personally, I prefer postcards with stamps. If you want it, you can claim it by leaving a comment on this post to let everyone know it has been taken, and then send me the address you want it posted to using my Contact page. It’s free – no strings attached.


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