A Spring Clean

Technically, I’m late. It’s summer. But still, better late than never, and besides, being a few months late is just so very Mexico. But every now and again I think about my blog, why I’m blogging, what sort of stuff and nonsense I post and how I could improve it. And so I change things around a little. A new header image for one. Just a little bolder.

I’ve also gotten rid of the Diigo widget in the sidebar. I used to use Diigo to bookmark and share Mexico related blog or news posts. But it was kinda complicated. I had to open the post from Google Reader into a new tab, click the Diigo bookmarklet, choose a Category and blah blah blah. The process induced laziness, so it had to go.

In its place is my Google Shared Items feed, which I had been using over on my 3six5 blog to share photo related stuff. Now I’ll use it to share photo and Mexico related stuff.  Gone also, sadly, is the World Cup widget….the tournament might not have ended yet, but with Mexico and Englands departures, inspiration for footy related content has disappeared! Upset? Probably not. But I do have a specific blog for my footy thoughts which you can read by clicking here. It’s mostly a link blog, importing my footy related Tweets from Twitter. But I write stuff too sometimes.

But the main change is the content. I imported all my non project (365, Faces and Bicentenario) posts into this blog. This is already largely a photo blog, and I’m going to expand on that idea. All my posts will come with a photo, video or image I have created, with the story behind it. In addition all my photography related posts will appear here – stuff about cameras, Flickr etc etc. Which won’t be much stuff, but still. My 3six5 blog continues though, with a new header of its own, but I’m going to use it for the original purpose I created it for – as a gallery for my photo projects.


4 thoughts on “A Spring Clean

  1. Too bad about Mexico and England. The series could have lasted a little longer with them in the running. It is not over yet but …

    Like the clean look of your new setup. I’ve been working on computers lately so I have not had much time to blog. I feel that all of them, I think that I have six or more, are ready from some input. So much time going on and so little time to blog!


    • I’m trying to forget about Mexico and England! And just keep consoling myself that at least I’m not half French and half Italian!

      I did consider going back to Blogger. There are lots of reasons why I should. The domain mapping is free. No ads on my blogs unless I put them there. I can add javascript code and widgets and make the blog more fancy. Design is much more flexible and open. Bloggers made a lot of advances over the last year. Even rolled out integrated stats this week.

      But then I keep remembering one of the main reasons I came to WordPress. Because with all the possibilities that come with Blogger, I get too tempted, start playing too much, screw the blog’s look and functionality up, and spend more time with widgets and less time on content!

      Nowadays, I try and keep things clean, simple and easy.


  2. Kim G says:

    You are probably the most tech-savvy blogger I read. Someday when I have the time to actually write a blog, perhaps you can give me a few tips on how wrestle the technology to my will.


    Kim G
    Boston, Ma
    Where we are happy that you are happy with your new camera.


    • Just shout when you decide to go for it. It’s really very easy…Wordpress.com makes things a cinch.

      And yep, I’ve very, very happy with my camera. I was hoping that it would at least equal the image quality of the FZ35, but it has exceeded my every expectation. The images sometimes look a bit softer, just a bit, that the FZ35, but more pleasing to the eye.


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