A Fly On The Wall

I’ve recently started taking my photos in widescreen format, something which doesn’t seem to have taken off much in photography, unlike television.  And I like the results. And I’m going to continue snapping in 16:9.  There are pros and cons attached to each format, depending how you use or display the images. For me, 16:9 is perfect, for several reasons.

Reason one. Flickr’s newly redesigned photo pages display larger standard sizes than before, and the widescreen format fills the vertical axis nicely, without disappearing off the bottom of the screen. Assuming you are using a widescreen screen. Most people I know have widescreen monitors these days. Secondly, I use my photos for my PC screensaver. Just looks a ton better when it fills the screen.

Thirdly, it just looks nicer in my opinion. It doesn’t suit all photos, especially in portrait. But by and large, a little space on either side of the main subject often gives the photo more context. It’s also a different format to those more commonly used (4:3 and 3:2) and perhaps a little more eye catching. Anyway, most cameras these days come with the ability to shoot in widescreen. I say give it a try!

The photo below, by the way, is of a building on Alvaro Obregon, one of my favourite parts of the city. Enough peeling paint and cracked tiles to give that olden times charm to a neighbourhood. Enough freshly painted cafes and restaurants to make it modern, busy and safe. There’s a mutants museum or exhibition around somewhere. The fly is the main logo. This is a hell of a way to market it. I must investigate.

And before I finish off, a little about Flickr’s redesign. I like it. A lot. Makes better use of monitor real estate, reduces clutter by utilising a new button system, and gives more options and useful info than before. Not using Flickr? That’s another thing I recommend. Not just because you should be sharing your photos. But because, if your house burns down tomorrow, you’ll still have your photos…

Fly On The Wall

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