Museo Taurino

There are plenty of hidden secrets in Mexico City. Places rarely trodden by a hapless tourist. Or even a native for that matter. Venues that once thronged with crowds at the weekend, and drew such lavish praise from the regular patrons, that people would queue around the block for admission. Venues that now sit decaying, with only the decor and paintings left to hint at the glory of bygone days.

La Faena, a cantina that once paid grand homage to the sport/art of bull fighting, is one such place. You could walk past it a million times, right past its wide open doors, and never notice it. At least, if not you, then I. Because I have done just that. But today, prompted by the father in law, I stuck my nose inside the front door. Then my camera lens. We all strolled in for a look.

He assured me that in the 80’s, the place was packed all the time. He should know, he was one of those who packed it. It looks like it still operates as a going concern. Who knows, maybe it does still have its busy periods. But as we snooped about, we saw no one one. Not a soul. Neither a member of staff, nor a paying customer. Just the empty tables and chairs, peeling paint, grand old paintings of bull fighters of yore, and cases full of costumes.

This place is worth a closer look. Providing I remember how to find it again – a quick check on Google Maps tells me it’s easy. I walk down there all the time. Next time, I’ll allow a little more time, and bring a tripod. It’s rather dark in there. I did take some photos, and upload them to Flickr. All hand held with my new Fuji, and I am pleased with the results. But a tripod will enable me to bring much more life to them.


4 thoughts on “Museo Taurino

  1. Appears the bar, like bullfighting itself, has fallen considerably in popularity. A shame. Regarding the new Flickr, I sure hope it´s less confusing to use. I´ve always found Flickr to be so poorly organized as to defy logic.


    • I don’t think Flickr was ever terribly confusing, or terribly illogical….don’t make me make ageist comments!!! 🙂

      For sure, there are improvements that I’d still like to see. You’re a SmugMug user, aren’t you? I tried it, and it’s nice, in many ways better than Flickr, bar a few crucial ones. For me, anyway. I like the Flickr community, and SmugMug have never managed to replicate that. Also, SM pricing goes from steep to extraordinarily outrageous, which is a put off!

      But I like the view on black options, themes and domain customising SM has. Flickr’s chief problem is that it’s owned by Yahoo, who are legends at failing to invest and update their viable products, choosing instead to throw huge sums of money at new, non viable and plain silly ideas.


  2. Kim G says:

    I think F and I passed by that place once. It fascinated me, but he wouldn’t set foot inside.

    Perhaps the next time I’m there, we should go there for a cerveza, or whatever. Looks fascinating.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where there are some ancient Irish Pubs that still pack them in.


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