Museo De Arte Popular

I’ve been the MAP countless times. It’s so near the Centro Historico, yet so many people miss it. Not least I suspect because the directions on the website that tell you how to get there, with the suggestion you arrive via Metro Balderas or Juarez, doesn’t make it seem as easy a journey as it is. Last year I decided to have a stroll from the museum, and within about three to five minutes found myself next to Alameda, the park next to Bellas Artes. I’d had no idea it was so close…

Along with the Franz Mayer, the Anthropological, the Dolores Olmedo and a couple of others, this is one of my favourite museums in the city. It’s a fairly large place, with regular temporary exhibitions to encourage repeat visits. And a coffee shop which serves a decent brew and has free WiFi – a real bonus now I have an iPod Touch once again! If you haven’t been, or are visiting Mexico City, it’s a must visit in my opinion.

Needless to say I have a few photos from my latest visit on Flickr that you can see by clicking here, although you can check out some older shots I’ve taken on previous visits by clicking here, here, here and here. Yes, I really like this museum! The photo below, by the by, is of a new exhibition, and was taken at ISO 400 – it’s a pretty noise free result for such a high ISO.

Doll Army


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