Death of the Postcard

Over the last year or two, but mostly the last year, I’ve been giving away postcards and other goodies, shipping them to places near and far. India, England, Dubai, Egypt, Mexico, USA, Canada, Finland to name but a few. Lucky I didn’t ever catch Swine Flu, or it’d have been more than postcards and love from Mexico that I’d have been sending out!

But I’ve had enough. It was fun while it lasted. It served it’s purpose, in spreading a better vibe from Mexico than Fox News manages, and also to get a few clicks on my ad links on another blog which took me over the minimum payout threshold! Yes, the postcard sending ‘campaign’probably just about paid for itself in the end.

But I have one left. A postcard that I actually bought in 2005 but never posted. I found it recently. So there is a single, solitary postcard remaining. Of a sporty nature. But that’s as far as I will describe it. I’ll allow a little bit of mystery for the recipient.

Want it? So long as you haven’t claimed a postcard before, you can have it. I’ll send it to wherever you live in the world, no strings attached. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, then use the Contact page to send me the addess you want it posted to.

I’ve also redesigned my blog. Again. I know, second time in a week. But I really wanted to use this theme. I didn’t previously for a simple reason. I post lots of images on my blog, and have always set them at a 600 pixel width, to fit the blog. This theme has a 640 pixel width. I’m happy with the old images being slightly narrower than the blog. That looks fine. And I love 640 pixels, especially as I’m shooting in widescreen.

I just worried about adding images at 640 pixels, and then later wanting to go back to a 600 pixel width blog. They’d be cut off at the edge. But I came up with a solution. Instead of specifying images to display at 640 pixels, I specify a width of 100%, thereby future proofing the posts. Sorted!

So how’s this design? Like it? New style widgets at the side to share my tweets and blog reads, slightly larger, clearer text, bigger images and a slightly nicer look I think. Don’t like? Oh well, can’t please everyone. So I’ll return to the topic in hand. Postcards. There they all are in the image below, or most of them anyway.


11 thoughts on “Death of the Postcard

    • Mark, it’s yours. I’ll post it tomorrow.

      I’m also picking the Spanish over the Dutch. 2-0.

      Germany Uruguay is a bit harder, but I’ll go for the Hun to triumph 3-1.


  1. New theme looks good.

    Also, really enjoying all the new photos, thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Two more games and THE MEXILE LEAGUE will be over!


    • And it’s a close league for those of us who continued to make the predictions into the KO rounds. Spain’s win finally moved me up to first place for the first time…hopefully I can stay there!!!


    • I noticed the comment ratings on someone else’s blog who uses this theme. A little hunting and I found the option to turn it on. It could be fun on some more controversial posts!


  2. Kim G says:

    I’m always a big fan of wider blogs. I hate having a tiny 3-inch wide column on a 10-inch+ wide monitor. Makes for unnecessary scrolling.

    Your new blog format is nice. As was your old one.

    Only comment is that the photo at the top was a smidgen slow to load.


    Kim G
    Boston, Ma
    Where someday we’ll have a blog. Meanwhile we’re squatting on the blogs of others.


    • It’s a slightly big file, that image at the top, but nothing toooo big. I had problems with lower quality efforts pixelating too much.

      I liked my old format and design, but I need a change every now and then!


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